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Objectives of the show

The event will add colour to the 109th Murwillumbah Show Celebrating utes and sustainable transport. Raise funds to maintain the 119 year tradition of the Murwillumbah Show Grounds. Raise awarness that utes can be made more sustainable. Raise awareness about sustainability and reduce our foot print.

Why utes and push bikes?

Utes are great at carrying loads for a long distance where push bikes can be used for short trips for fun and health. So together they make a great lifestyle choice.


  • Utes are great at carrying loads and the family (dual cabs)
  • Utes are more multi purpose than a car. Hard to throw a bike in the back of a car.
  • 4x4 utes can take you, the family, camping gear, push bikes and provisions to explore Australia. Then the family can take off on the push bike to explore the mountains to our national parks
  • Push bikes are great as short distance trips
  • Alternative powered pushbikes for medium distance trips or faster short trips
  • Long distance push bike riders from Wollumbin BUG have taken their bikes around the world packed up with everything they need for a year of adventure.
  • Push bikes can be taken on trains and planes
  • Both utes and push bikes are used for fun, freedom and independence.

Sustainablity Plan Stage 1, 2009

Aussies are good at inventing solutions so if we change the way we think about normal utes then why can we not make a sustainable ute? There are a few utes in Australia that are electric, run on hydrogen to vegetable oil so it can be done. Perhaps your neighbour has one of these utes?


Reducing our footprint and maintain our standard of living for the next generation is important. So some ways this can be done is with our trips in the ute try to avoid (unessary weight and trips), reduce (amount of trips)and offset (what trips you do make).


Sustainability Plan Stage 1, 2009


For the first year we have to establish a great ute and push bike show. Which will allow us to expand in the future years to achieve our objectives. So this is what we are doing to help:


  • Full carbon offset for the ute and push bike show with
  • No trophies - Unless they are recycled or can be made sustainably
  • Local recycled paper certificates, business cards and flyers
  • Search and award Australia's most sustainable Celebrate sustainable transport with push bikes for the whole family.
  • Demonstration of electric bike from
  • Invite all alternative powered push bikes and utes to attend.
  • Get people to get ideas together to make the show more sustainable in the future.
  • Awareness that utes can be made more sustainable at the factory and Australian's want there sustainable utes Purchase products with the least environmental impact available
  • Encourage more people to ride and enjoy Murwillumbah. So next time you want to go to the corner store can you take the push bike for a spin?

What do you think we can do for this year?


Sustainability Plan Stage 2, 2009

Review the impacts of the 2009 show Develop and adopt a Sustainablity Policy Create an action plan to implement the Sustainability Policy

Sustainable Ideas for the future to develop

Potential to award the best 4 cylinder ute as it'promotes' reducing carbon emissions. Reduce entry fee for 3 - 4 cylinder utes. Gold Coin carbon offset donation to Greening Australia. $1 per X km to the show and return. "Climate friendly"website Maybe you could have trade stalls there from organic oil producers, etc. Recycled tote bags with sponsor advertising for show promotion and handing out prizes. Show grounds on green power Solar panels

Waste Management Plan


Show Society Waste Management Plan is about theenvironmentally friendly waste disposal, recycling,waste separation to reducing the waste brought on site. Waste audit conducted yearly before and after the show to see improvements in purchasing goods with limited packaging Full life cycle of all purchases from creation, delivery, use, close downto disposal Waste Management Plan Policy might say the Murwillumbah Ute and Push Bike Show endorses responsible management of waste and we expect our exhibitors to do the same.

Environmental Impact Risk Assessment


Arisk assessment to work out theenvironmental impact of where the show is being held. How can weminimise theimpact ofparked and the procedures and ways people park that may be improved?

Future Sustainability Goals


Resource efficiency Reduce waste Changing culture - How do we make the world a better place Raising awareness Ourgoal for an environmentally sustainablity is only as strong as our weakest contributor.

Draft Sustainability Policy (Suggested by Katrina Lewis)

In 2010 when we develop the goals of the plan we will be able to work on this draft to create a Sustainability Policy


The Murwillumbah Ute and Push Bike Show (MUPS) is a local organisation, committed to excellence, quality and leadership in all of its activities. The Murwillumbah Ute and Push Bike Show strives to lead through an innovative approach to transport, competitions and a commitment to a sustainable environment.


This policy applies to the activities of the Murwillumbah Ute and Push Bike Show and to Murwillumbah Ute and Push Bike Show controlled entities.


The Murwillumbah Ute and Push Bike Show respects our relationship with the natural environment and its life-sustaining ecosystems and recognises the need to maintain and restore a rich biodiversity. The Murwillumbah Ute and Push Bike Show acknowledges the adverse impacts that human activity can impose and takes actions to prevent degradation of our natural systems, while supporting the repair and recovery of those systems.


The Murwillumbah Ute and Push Bike Show aims to lead innovation and practice toward a sustainable environment by:


Complying with all relevant environmental legislation and adhering to agreements and standards at local, national and international levels; Setting and communicating meaningful environmental objectives and targets for all aspects of the Murwillumbah Ute and Push Bike Show to continue to reduce natural resource use and minimise and prevent adverse environmental impacts; Incorporating environmental sustainability principles, awareness and understanding into the community; Integrating principles of ecologically sustainable development into all Murwillumbah Ute and Push Bike Show activities. The Murwillumbah Ute and Push Bike Show recognises its responsibility to practice and promote behaviours that support activities which contribute to environmental sustainability within the local, national and international community

As identified above, relevant environmental legislation adhering to agreements and standards at local, national and international levels are;


Energy Efficiency Opportunities Act 2006 (Comm); Energy Efficiency Opportunities Regulations 2006 (Comm); Environment Protection Act 1970 (Vic); Environment Protection (Prescribed Waste) Regulations 1998 (Vic); Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999(Comm); Water Industry Act 1994 (Vic); Water Industry Regulations 2006.

The Murwillumbah Ute and Push Bike Show endorses environmental sustainability and we expect our competitors to do the same.


Check out or for more details, Thanks, Cav :-)

Published: Oct 19, 2009 10:16pm by cav.

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  • Murwillumbah Ute and push bike Show 2009

    The Murwillumbah Ute Show will have an electric utility vehicle on display. There are not many places you can see a working electric vehicle from the 2000 Olympics.

    We are expecting a good number of utes from all over NSW and South East Queensland to attend. A few members of , and are confirmed to be attending the show.

    Have a great day and if you are in the area please drop in to the first carbon neutral ute show and push bike show in Australia

    Published Oct 28, 2009 4:14pm by cav

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