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Fitch Fuel Catalyst Australia P/L

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A fuel catalysing system to give you Fuel Savings & Pollution reduction

A fuel catalysing system to improve your fuel efficiency

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Tired of rising fuel prices?

All you have to do to save money on your fuel expenses, no matter what type of petrol or deisel vehicle you are working with, is to have a Fitch Fuel Catalyst installed on the fuel line.

A Fitch Fuel Catalyst installed on the fuel line will give you anywhere from 5 to 25 cents per litre discount on fuel prices for life.

There are currently many of our customers getting well over 10 cents per litre discount day in and day out without doing anything different than installing a Fitch Catalyst on the fuel line.

Not only does the Fitch Fuel Catalyst help engines use less fuel, but it will also give reduced exhaust emissions. Your engine will start more easily and have more power from the moment you install the unit.

If you run on premium unleaded after fitting you can run STANDARD unleaded without any detramental effect do the engine.

Prices start at $30 for small engines, such as lawn mowers, chain saws, and concret cutters, to $600 fitted for average car or 4wd.

We can ship anywhere within Australia, New Zealand and the Islands. 

In many locations we have installers all over if you want to have one installed by a local installer.  (Contact Bill if you want to be a local installer yourself.)

CALL BILL on (02) 4295 5949 or 0411 573 944

Visit our website at:

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    The Fitch® Fuel Catalyst is a pre combustion fuel treatment device the purpose of which is to improve combustion. The Fitch® Fuel Catalyst is a true catalyst in that it causes a reaction but is not consumed or affected in the process. Therefore it is not an additive as it puts nothing into the fuel. It is installed in the fuel line of any engine just like a fuel filter. It is a maintenance- free product, which will last for up to 400,000 kilometers or essentially, the life of the engine.

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    Testing by several leading laboratories have confirmed that the Fitch® Fuel Catalyst is actually re-refining the fuel immediately prior to combustion. This is accomplished through a complex chemical reaction, which breaks the long chain hydrocarbons converting them to smaller, higher energy, and more combustible constituents, which burn more efficiently. This process is patented and proprietary to Advanced Power Systems International Inc.

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    Any gasoline or diesel engine of any size may be treated with the Fitch® Fuel Catalyst. Successful testing has also been accomplished on methanol, kerosene and propane. In summary, any equipment may be successfully treated with the Fitch® Fuel Catalyst as long as the correct size unit is used. (Sufficient catalytic material must be present based on the fuel flow of the engine).

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    The combustion improvement caused by the presence of the Fitch® Fuel Catalyst produces a number of benefits. Because the fuel is consumed more completely, less fuel is burned, emissions are lowered and power is increased. In addition, engine oil remains cleaner, longer because blow-by is reduced. Because carbon build up in the engine is also reduced the life of the engine is enhanced. The overall result is a more efficiently running engine.

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    I am driving a Prado, 4litre V6.No, I am not experiencing a 10% fuel saving, it is just over 20% taking into account the discrepancy in my odometer reading, due to oversize tires. I have calculated a correction factor using my GPS . Having said that, I have just started using United PetroleumE10/95 fuel, and this is showing even more improvement again, but I have only used it for a few tanks full. Even ordinary E10/91 shows an improvement over regular unleaded.

    I am still keeping a log of my fuel usage on a spreadsheet, and you are welcome to a copy if you would like to see it. Let me know if it would be helpful.
    Ken STUART

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    “Just a note to let you know, after using the Fitch Catalyst Drop-in’s in the LPG tank of my WH Statesman, I am pleased to report a fuel saving of 17%”.

    Graham Kell
    Development Director

    St. George Cabs Co-operative Limited

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    Fitch installed in motorcycles.

    We have fitted a number of Fitch Fuel Catalyst to customers bikes having problems with detonation due to high compression pistons and lack of decent fuel. All have since indicated they have no problems even when using regular unleaded fuel. The owners own bike has been using a Fitch for over 10,000 kms and after stripping the motor down for a performance upgrade found no abnormal wear or deposits. We recommend using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst to our customers
    Geoff Blake.

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    Delivery van fitted with a Fitch

    “I’ve saved more than $750 a year on fuel since I installed the Fitch* Fuel Catalyst on my delivery van.”

    DP, Connecticut
    Snap-On Tools Distributor

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    Fitch for fleet vehicles saves big money.

    Hi Bill,

    Thankyou for saving my company thousands of dollars by installing Fitch Fuel Catalyst to my Trucks, Cars & high powered equipment.

    I first came across Fitch Fuel about 5 years ago & had it installed on a work truck (F-100). This was fitted to a full gas converted 351 Cleveland & even though the motor was dying when I had it installed the motor had become more quite to run & the fuel economy improved by 10%. An extra 80km on a wearing engine.

    This then prompted our company to try the drop ins in our 4000psi hot water blaster. The drop ins were placed in the unleaded tank for the 20hp Honda & into the 30lt diesel tank for the boiler on the mobile unit. Prior to the drop ins the unit had only registered 50hrs of use. The system after placing the drop ins reduced noise & running time on the system increased by an additional half an hour before refilling. The hot water system has been in use for over 750 working hours & has not failed to start at any stage nor has the fuel economy waivered.

    Over the last year Fitch Fuel Catalyst has now been installed on our companies car & truck. The company car is a Honda Accord V4 2008(unleaded). Highway cycle before Fitch was fitted was 750km/tank. After Fitch fitted 850km/tank. This has been tested on many long journeys. The company truck is an Isuzu 200 Medium. Prior to Fitch being fitted our best economy on diesel was 480 – 500km/tank. This I must say was extremely disappointing especially since this was brand new & our other older trucks were able to achieve this. Once again after the Fitch was fitted we now register 600km/tank. This was great considering when we had this fitted diesel was at $1.80/lt. Since fitting Fitch we have found smoother running easier starting on both new vehicles. But the fuel economy was the most notable difference that has been found by our company & on that I would recommend talking to Bill to get this installed on any equipment or vehicle because at the end of the day everyone needs to save $$$$$$.


    Steve Wilson


    Blast It Clean It Paint It P/L

Testimonial/Review from Austral

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  • Fitch Fuel Catalyst

    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    5.0/5 Stars

    I have used the Fitch on my previous vehicle and have experienced both a fuel economy savings in excess of 10% and an increase in power and performance of my Toyota Camery. I have just purchased a Holden Statesman and have put the Fitch on it immediately. Why you ask. Because there is no product that will save me money, increase my cars performance and save the cost of expensive engine repairs like the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. I was a skeptic at first but after using it for over two years I can say with confidence that this thing works. I travel a lot of miles in my work and the savings that I have achieved by using the Fitch is remarkable. If you are not using one now you certainly should “give it a go mate” It is the Australian way.
    Bob Haldane
    Executive Director
    BNI NSW North and South Coast

    Reviewed: Jul 3, 2009 9:59pm by mrbni

  • Fitch Catalyst

    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    5.0/5 Stars

    AS I have had fitch fitted tp my NEW turbo cruiser 4 years ago 2005 GXL turbo diesel.This vehicle has now travelled 100,000ks,and the oil in this motor still stays clean 4,000 after changing,then just begins to discolour.If you are an engine owner and do not have fitch fitted to your engine you are" WASTING "your money.Fuel usage checked on this vehicle over some 32,000ks it returned 11.5lph and that was after towing a 16ft caravan for 2,000k and also included towing a trailer loaded over dirt roads.Usage about 50/50 dirt and highway.With out fitch fitted you are litterely throwing away $1.50 to $3,00 every 100ks you travell for the next 400,000ks,and WHO can afford to do this???.
    Regards BILLFITCH

    Reviewed: Jul 5, 2009 9:21pm by billfitch

  • Fitch Fuel Catalyst - Breathe Easy Aust

    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    5.0/5 Stars

    We have had Fitch Catalyst on our 6 vehicles for well over 5 years. I hated the unleaded emmissions & odour of our work vans this product reduced this pollution by around 80%. My diesel 80 series Landcruiser blows hardly any black smoke now and averages 7.40km per litre around town, its an 1994 model and we recently did a fuel pump – the mechanic asked why this pump was so clean like it was sandblasted – Fitch Fitted I said!
    We have drop in’s in our motor bikes as we don’t ride these real often we put them in so the fuel does not go stale and starts easier, the same with our generators and lawn mowers & chain saws.
    We have a Solar Stand-a-lone system on 1 property & a Grid connect system on the 2nd property and with Fitch we save heaps of potential killer emissions entering the environment. For me its not about saving at the fuel bowser, which is does do but making a better environment for our kids. I refuse to buy those green shopping bags I feel all plastic should be bio-degradable why would I want to pay for green bags to also end up in land fill?
    But a Fitch is a small investment for the life of your car and your next car far cheaper than a grid connect system but equally as important. I look forward to the day when you can walk down the street and not breathe in the harmful fuel emissions – This could save the Government $ in medical bills hopefully less Asthma & Cancer.
    Thanks Tracey Benko

    Reviewed: Jul 6, 2009 10:22pm by rivers

  • It Works

    • Currently 4/5 Stars.
    4.0/5 Stars


    As you are aware, you fitted a Fitch fuel catalyst in mid 2007 to my 2001 2.5L Subaru Liberty. As stated at the outset, I was sceptical of the claims but agreed to give it a fair go. Once fitted, I immediately noticed that the motor appeared to idle more smoothly. Up until having the fuel catalyst fitted, I was running the car on premium unleaded fuel as recommended by the manufacturer as previous attempts to run it on standard unleaded fuel resulted in it being less responsive and having a shorter range.

    However, after having the fuel catalyst fitted, I reverted back to standard unleaded fuel with no obvious decrease in performance or range.

    I travelled approx 3,500 kms earlier in the year (prior to the catalyst being fitted using premium unleaded fuel) towing a small caravan and achieved 15.09 litres per 100 km.

    Shortly after having the catalyst fitted, I had another caravanning trip of approx 1,500 kms using standard unleaded fuel. Again, I noticed no difference in the performance but achieved 14.48 litres per 100 km, a modest saving of 0.61 litres per 100 km. In addition though, I saved 8-10 cents per litre on fuel being the difference between standard unleaded and premium unleaded.

    I am now a firm believer in the product and would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in saving money on fuel.

    Graeme Rudd

    Reviewed: Jul 7, 2009 5:23pm by

  • I dont know much, but I know this works

    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    5.0/5 Stars

    I am a young female who doesnt know much about cars, but one thing is for sure… As soon as the Fitch was installed on my car I felt the difference. Saving money on fuel, better performance and the list goes on! I am glad that I am doing my bit for the environment as well with the emissions being cut down. You’d be crazy to not try this product out… What have you got to lose.. Thanks Fitch!

    Reviewed: Jul 9, 2009 10:25am by amie

  • Fuel Saving`

    • Currently 4/5 Stars.
    4.0/5 Stars

    Hi Bill,

    Just a quick note to thank you for your passion about the Fitch catalyst and convincing me to put it on my car. Even though there was no financial risk due to the 90 money back guarantee, i was still a bit hesitant to commit to the purchase (skeptic). I have done quite a few kilometers since the fitch was fitted and the best figures I have recorded was a recent trip to Port Macquarie. I did just over 1500kms with 4 people and luggage, we had the air conditioner on for most of the way and my 2003 VX commodore 3.8l returned an average of 7.2l/100km. The trip was approx 1000km on the highway and balance was on small trips in and around Port Macquarie.

    I also have a “drop in” in my lawnmower tank. I have a reasonably large lawn area to mow and prior to using the Fitch drop in, I needed to top up my petrol tank to finish the job, now I have fuel left when I have finished.

    I would certainly recommend the Fitch range of products to anyone looking to increase the power and reduce the fuel consumption in their cars/machinery.


    Ian Jervis
    Albion Park NSW

    Reviewed: Jul 17, 2009 2:39pm by Paradime

  • Fishing trawler using Fitch

    • Currently 4/5 Stars.
    4.0/5 Stars

    16/12/2003 – Fishing trawler saves 490 litres of fuel per week with Fitch Catalyst
    We were approached by Mr Paul Riley, the distributor for Townsville and North Queensland in regard to the Fitch Fuel Catalyst in October 2003.

    Marshelly fishing Co operates four prawn trawlers out of Innisfail in Far North Queensland. We decided with some reservations to try the Fitch Fuel Catalyst out on one of our vessels.

    This vessel is fitted with a V12 Mercedes and has 360 hp rating with a fuel consumption of 700 litres per day. We found after 42 days at sea, our fuel consumption had been reduced to 630 litres per day, therefore providing a saving of 70 litres per day or 490 litres per week.

    It has been noticed that exhaust emission have become almost visually non-existent. We are impressed enough to now fit our other three vessels including two trucks and assorted generators.

    We have also hosted Paul and John from Fitch Fuel Qld at our home to talk to other trawler operators in Innisfall. This achieved a positive response.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mrs Marcia Nebe
    Managing Director

    Reviewed: Aug 8, 2009 12:23pm by markho

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