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Strategy Financial Consulting is an independently owned and operated Financial Advisory business based in Port Macquarie. We primarily service clients on the NSW Mid North Coast and in Western NSW. We presently have clients throughout most of NSW including the Mid North Coast, Dubbo, the Hunter Valley, Mudgee,, Sydney & Canberra.

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    Our Background

    Strategy Financial Consulting was established in 2006 by Glen Killen after he left his previous role as a Senior Financial Planning Manager at one of Australia’s largest financial institutions.

    Strategy Financial Consulting was established in order to give people the ability to access quality financial advice that concentrated on providing the strategies necessary to achieve their goals. This is opposed to many of the financial planning firms which seem to operate for no other reason then to sell the products of the Fund Manager, Bank or Insurance Company which provides their Licence.

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    Our Experience

    Glen Killen brings over 18 years experience in the finance sector to the table for his clients. As well as running a team of Financial Planners for one of Australia’s leading financial institutions he was involved in designing and implementing the transition of this institution from a commission based model to fee-for-service pricing.

    Glen also has extensive experience in working with both individuals and businesses in arranging and structuring their debt facilities.

    Strategy Financial Consulting presently works with a range of individuals and businesses in designing strategies and investments that will ensure they achieve their goals and objectives. These clients range in age from 18 to 88 and have assets ranging from $5,000 to $25,000,000. They include university students, employees, senior managers, self employed business owners, farmers & graziers, retirees and corporations employing up to 100 people.

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    Our Primary Service Offer

    At Strategy Financial Consulting we look to work closely with our clients in order to develop the right strategies for their individual circumstances.This strategy acts as the roadmap for them to follow to achieve their goals. Once the individual strategy has ben designed we then recommend the investments which should be made to achieve the returns required by the client. The risks and benefits associated with each of the investments we have recommended are then explained to the client to ensure that they are fully informed and understand the investment and how it may perform in both good and bad times. Only then do we look to implement the strategy and investments we have recommended.

    We describe our service offer as having three simple objectives:

    Make You Money: We aim to design a strategy, and recommend investments, that will ensure you have the income, or capital, you require when you require it. This could be an income in retirement, the deposit for you first home or funds to expand your business.

    Save You Money: Our competitive fee for service pricing model allows you to reduce the costs associated with your investments, insurances and loans. As we rebate all commissions and work on a fee for service model based upon the time we spend working on your situation, not based on how much you have to invest, we can save our clients up to 30% on the annual cost of their Managed Investments, Superannuation and Insurances. We also rebate any commissions received when arranging loan facilities for clients.

    Save you Time: We can offer you a range of services that will assist you in managing your financial affairs more time effectively. These include a Portfolio Service for managing your direct shares portfolio, assistance in managing your SMSF or a Managed Discretionary Account. All at costs far below those charged by most Financial Planning firms and Fund Managers.

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    Portfolio Management Service

    Looking to simplify the management of your investments, but don’t want to the high costs assocated with the Wrap, Master Trust and IDPS accounts offered by Fund Managers?

    Even if you are not seeking any other advice or service, our Portfolio Management Service is the perfect tool for you.

    For as little as $ 55 per month you can have all of you ASX listed securities tracked and reported on. All transactions will be recorded, CGT (both realised and unrealised) is automatically updated, income (including tax credits) will be automatically recorded, corporate actions recorded and Taxation Reports can be produced in as little as 10 minutes.You are also able to benchmark the performance of your portfolio against a range of benchmarks.

    Better still you retain legal title to all securities. This means you are entitled to allthe benefits of being a shareholder, including rights issues and shareholder discount programs, which you often lose when utilising the services of a Wrap, Master Trust or IDPS account. Ask you current provider if they can guarantee you will be entitled to recieve access to all rights issues and you might be surprised by the answer.

    Also, our Portfolio Management Service allows you to use almost any stockbroker (including Online Brokers) to complete your trades potentially saving even more money.

    Many Wrap, Master Trust or IDPS providers charge up to 1.32% per annum (on top of any Fund Manager fees) to operate. This means that on a $ 250,000 you could be paying $ 275 per month.On portfolio’s of $1,000,000 you could be paying up to $ 450 per month. This means by switching to our Portfolio Management Service you could reduce your fees by up to 80%!!

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    Club 100

    Traditionally, Financial Planning firms have aimed to have as many clients as possible for each of their Advisers in order to maximise their commissions. Of course, the trade off for this is that the larger number of clients per Adviser the smaller the amount of time that can be dedicated to each client’s needs.

    At Strategy Financial Consulting we believe that the key to achieving success for each of our clients is being able to allocate a suitable amount of time to developing, monitoring and fine tuning each client’s strategy. As such, we commit that our Adviser’s will never have more than 100 clients each. This ensures that all of our clients receive the attention to their individual circumstances that they deserve.

    This forms the basis of our Club 100. A service where we partner with our clients to offer high levels of attention to their individual strategies and investments in order to ensure that they achieve their goals and objectives. We provide them with the strategies, investments and other tools they require to achieve their maximum financial potential.

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    Free Services

    To help you get started in taking control of your financial future we offer the following free services:


    We provide a range of free calculators that can be accessed by both clients and non-clients alike. These cover things such as:
    * Personal Budget
    * Superannuation/Retirement Income Calculator and Optimiser
    * Savings and Targeted Savings Calculators
    * Income Tax Calculator
    * How much Insurance Do You Need Calculator
    * Risk Profile Questionnaire

    You can access these calculators by choosing the “Calculators” button on the menu at our main website –

    Strategy Desktop Software

    Want to keep an eye on share prices? Like to keep up with news about companies you are invested in? Want to see the latest ASX announcements?

    All this and more is possible with our Strategy Desktop Software. This is a small program that can be run on your desktop and for clients utilising of Portfolio Management Service the two will integrate together to deliver a simple to use package.

    To receive a copy of this free software please email and we will contact you to arrange the establishment of a user account and delivery of the software.

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    Other Services Provided

    In addition to the above services we also provide the following transactional services to clients and non-clients alike:

    Note: all prices include GST and are correct as at 1 November 2008, but subject to change without notice.

    Establishment of new entities

    * Self Managed Super Funds ($ 770 plus cost to establish new company if required)

    * Trusts ($ 770 for Discretionary, Family or Unit Trust; $ 990 for Hybrid Trust; plus cost to establish new company if required)

    * Company ($ 770 or $ 550 if new SMSF or Trust being established at same time)

    Services Relating to SMSF’s

    * SMSF Pension Establishment Kit ($ 770 for one or $ 1,100 if two prepared for same SMSF at same time)

    * Update to existing SMSF Trust Deed ($ 330)

    * Investment Strategy or Derivative Risk Statement for SMSF ($ 110 each)

    * Borrowing by SMSF (Instalment Warrant) Kit ($ 990)

    * SMSF Commercial Lease Agreement ($ 550)

    Other Legal Documents

    * Buy A House With Friends or Family Kit ($ 220)

    * Loan to Friends or Family Agreement ($ 220)

    * Equipment Rental Agreement [SMSF Compliant] ($ 550)

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    Our costs are based on the actual work undertaken for the client and not based on the amount of money the client has to invest. We rebate all commissions back to our clients and charge an hourly fee for the consultancy work we undertake. Our standard hourly rate is currently $275 (GST inclusive)

    The rebates we offer include commissions received on Managed Investments, Superannuation, Insurances and Lending. As such we can reduce the management fees associated with Managed Funds, Superannuation and Allocated Pensions by up to 0.66% per annum, Insurance Premiums by up to 30% and reduce Margin Loan interest rates by up to 0.5% per annum.

    We also offer a Managed Discretionary Account service which is similar to a Managed Fund, but managed with each individual client having title to the underlying shares and with each transaction being made only after taking your individual circumstances in to account. This allows for your individual Capital Gains Tax and/or Income Tax situation to be taken in to account, something that a Managed Fund can not do.

    We offer this service as an option for members of our Club 100 service. The cost of this service is $ 275 per month regardless of amount invested and a minimum investment of $250,000 is required. Brokerage on share trades is charged at the rate of 0.15% (minimum of $55) per trade.

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    Business Hours

    We understand that in this modern world it can be difficult to make time to arrange your finances. Part of our aim to make it as easy as possible to remove any roadblocks in your way.

    This begins with making it as easy as possible to start on your road to financial security by being available to conduct consultations at a time and place convenient for you.

    We happily will meet with you either in our office or at your work or home. We are available for consultations, by appointment, from 7am to 7pm seven days a week.


  • Strategy know their game

    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    5.0/5 Stars

    For someone that doesnt know alot about financial planning I went along to meet the Director Glen. Two hours later not only do I know more but would confidently tust Glen to do it all. No push of products, just down to earth knowledge and experience you cannot buy in a workshop. Leave it to the professionals like Glen you cannot go wrong

    Reviewed: Nov 13, 2008 12:48pm by bigm

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