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Private investigator and detective agencies offer service to people, individuals, attorneys, businesses, etc. They are assigned to provide instigation services to clients who hire them. They work independently or in cooperation with law enforcing agencies.

We generally need a private investigator to perform an investigation on personal issues for which we cannot solely rely on the Police Officials. Private investigators are not legally authorized to perform all sort of inquiry as performed by Police officials. They are often appointed to collect evidence about a person or group to justify the doubts of its clients. They are helpful to companies, lawyers, and also individuals; to help them uncover information. The majority of the work they do involves conducting investigations on people- suspect, missing persons, conducting background verification check, research information on the legal, financial, or criminal investigation.

We all go through problems in our lives, and these problems vary person to person and in intensity. There are different mindsets and people with the different thought process, to cope up and deal with them is often not facile. These people can be your family members, neighbors, employees, people you work with, close friends and so on. Many times we need assures to trust our relations, and we cannot do that because of lack of comprehensive information about the people, in such cases, a personal background verification helps to form a vivid picture of that person. There are many things to consider before you depend on someone for crucial elements.

SKILLS REQUIRED IN A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR-   A private investigator must be skilled in his work; he must be having a strong dedication to his work and a hardworking individual. Other than these he must be a good researcher, excellent leadership qualities, problem-solving abilities, strong-minded, creative minded, a man of high moral values. He should have a keen eye, analytical mind, brilliantly exceptional observation skills. He should have persistence, amicable behavior, passion to work, must be an experienced professional to perform his duties with considerable expertise. All thought licensing is not compulsory in India, but still, you should look for the one who is a licensed Private investigator. They are skilled in handling all types of investigation cases. They can help to solve mysteries around any issue as matrimonial, official, and personal. They also specialize in criminal cases and also poses a different set of skills to handle any task at hand.

SERVICES THEY OFFER-    Many people do not have an understanding of how and what a private investigator can offer you with. The private investigator can help you out in resolving a number of issues. Let us consider the most commonly asked services by people, these are – one of the most commonly asked investigation service is background verification, this is generally asked by both personal investigation seekers and for corporate too. It can be needed by a lawyer to collect evidence about the case, and also for personal purposes as hiring servants, nanny or babysitters of children.

Some of the other services they offer are-

PERSONAL SERVICES –   These private agencies aimed at providing comprehensive information in legitimate, professional and effective ways. Personal investigations involve- loyalty tests, background verification, extramarital affair investigation, divorce cases, marital investigation, surveillance, personal background verification, missing person investigation, and more. Let us discuss the most important of these in detail-

1.    PRE MATRIMONIAL- In today’s fast-changing world, the trend of marriage is also changing. Unlike the previous generations these days marriages are mostly based on the internet connections; as on the dating apps, social media platform are connecting people from different edges of the world and bringing the world closer, but this proximity is being termed as virtual because you are not in touch with the person in real. They can easily lie about their physical appearances,   age, preferences and choices which may not be true, historical background, past affairs and so on. It is for this matter that the need for hiring is a private detective is increasing these days. They bring out a comprehensive personality check on the person to check for their historical background,  criminal record, behavior, habits, medical history, financial status, reputation in the society of  theirs and their family,  etc. to investigate such  type of facts one needs a professional to perform this task with core efficiency and precision. They verify every minute detail about the to be bride/groom.

2.    POST MATRIMONIAL- Most of the marriages are successful but not all end up in harmony. There are people with a different approach towards life as for some marriage means a lifelong journey with the loved one while for the other it would be a friend to spend some time outside marriage, they may have their selfish reasons to satisfy their desire. The problems in marriage can be like; extra marital  affair, loyalty issue towards the spouse, spouse infidelity, or  as in some cases the  partner may be hiding their financial status  and stability, their sexual preferences may vary as per Article 377  of the Indian Constitution; they belong to the LGBT Community which they never confessed to their partner. The intensity of the problem affects the marriage, in the same manner, cheating, fraud, and betrayal may lead a marriage towards its end, thus many marriages end up in divorce. Thus the need for private investigators strengthens when we suspect that our partners are breaking our marital vow.

3.    DIVORCE- In a country like India where divorce is still considered a taboo one may think that the cases of divorce would not be much here.   Although India is at only 2% divorce rate globally, this number has raised in the last five years, especially in urban and developed places. The reasons for divorce can be wide depending on every couple personal compatibility issues, less communication, lack of commitments, family interference as the involvement of the in-laws in manipulating the thoughts of the couple, physical and mental harassment, demand for dowry as per Section 498A in the Indian Penal Court is subjected to punishment as imprisonment for three years or shall be liable for fine.  These legal matters need an expert vision of finding solutions for them.  Thus prefer hiring a private detective who is a specialist in manipulating such matters.  They provide you with photographic evidence, audio and video recordings and other relevant footages that can help you lead in court proceedings, many of them provide you with legal assistance in such cases.

4.    EXTRAMARITAL AFFAIR- it is one of the gravest challenges to find in marriage to find if your partner is involved in an Extramarital affair or not. If you’re partner’s activities and behavior is suspicious, and you doubt if they loyal as before or not then you must investigate the fact.  Spouse infidelity, if proven can mean the end of trust and faith in your partner for the relationship of marriage is solely depended on the pillars of love and trust which your partner has shared with someone else. The much fabric of the relationship is ripped and tarnished. So to make sure that these doubts are even true or some other reasons are there which may be spoiling your marriage, investigating the facts is evident and crucial. A private investigator can help you snoop into the adultery life of your spouse with their illegitimate partner with undeniable evidence to prove your conduct in the relationship.

5.    SURVEILLANCE- surveillance is the key to any investigation, it has always been an important segment for investigation process, its widely used by private detective agencies to follow up person and collect a detailed description .of the person’s activities. It is the most concrete and appropriate way to obtain real and proficient information.  It can be done in any type of investigation such as personal and private.  Physical surveillance can be conducted on the person to know the authenticity of their claims.


1.    EMPLOYEE VERIFICATION- before hiring the employees for your company you need to be sure about their background, past working record and experience, document verification, to check if their resumes are contained information falsifying or exaggerating their employment. They can help you know about the actual skills and expertise of the applicant, professional strengths and weaknesses, competency, reliability, honesty, interpersonal skills, time management skill, integrity, attitude towards work and colleagues, overall performance.

2.    CORPORATE DUE DILIGENCE- while stepping towards a new business venture, partnership, we need to be to ensure the creditability of the business and shareholders. The risk factor is the most considerable, and nowadays the risk is getting bigger than earlier in any business startup. The private investigators help you with complicated financial transactions and or new business collaborations.

3.    LEGAL ASSISTANCE - the task of a private detective is to bring out the fact about the people or entity you hire them for.  It is an investigation of the company or business or person with whom you are willing to start up a new venture. These spies bring every detail about the business or the person before you enter into formal agreements, contracts, acquisition, and others.

4.    COMPETITOR INVESTIGATION- in this process the investigator brings information about your business competitor and their business strategies. They check for the competitor's historical background, their business strategy, a complete study of  their social engagements,  the advertisements, social media  investments, intellectual property, brand promotion strategies, and investments, etc. he cut-throat competition may result in business rivalry,  these  rivalries can result in unfair trade practice by the competitors. In many cases, the employees leave their parent organization and either start up their own business or join the rival companies. In such cases, they may take crucial data and details about the company and its workings, with them. So the scene demands proper investigations of how your competitor is working and growing despite all odds. A private investigator can be of great significance here to assist you in this matter.  

We face problems in both our professional and personal life. But we are restricted by time and resources to investigate to investigate the truth behind these problems personally. For these purposes, we hire for a private detective.  We need them when- we have mysteries in our family, when we are concerned about the safety of our loved ones, in finding a missing person, to investigate for the past records of suspected people be It your servants or company employees to the pre-matrimonial background verification, etc.

DDS is a trusted name in the investigation industry in India. The company that was set up in 2012, has now raised up to clients satisfaction and expectations. The trained and professional staff in the company makes it the best Detective agency in India. It has deeply rooted ties in all ties cities of India with currently operating in cities like- Jaipur, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Delhi NCR. Private investigator provides a solution for all such problems in the best possible way with their peer experience and professionalism in the field of investigation. It will be good if you choose for a detective who is licensed and holds and eminent experience in the field. They help you frame a proper opinion about any person, group of people or entity.



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