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How To Win Any Guest Blogging Contest With Less Effort


#1 Write a Contradictory Post for Contest

You must have to enter any guest blogging contest with Unique Content for it. You must have to write Contradictory Guest Post for contest.

What is Contradictory post???

Write a post, which is confused itself. Confused means a post which is not having any proper solution but the user has to trust someone and select. For eg. You can take it as a gadgets or other. You cannot bet which one is good. Every thing is having pro and cons. So, which is best? This is a post which is describing the qualities of both the thing, but still not sure which one to choose.

It means you just have to sit back after publishing the guest post and readers will automatically stops at your post for reading and give their precious time.

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#2 Catchy Titles For Your Post                              

Titles are more important for any of the post .If post is very decent but your title is simple then you will defienately loose your traffic.So titles are more important to get traffic to your post.You must have to include powerful keyword in it so it will helpful in SEO.

#3 Target Humans Other Than Search Engines

If you are writing for others blog then you must have to write for humans i means readers not for search engines.There are to many worthless articles on web world no one likes to read that and waste their valuable time.

You have to write for readers of other blogs and you must have attract to your post and engage readers.You have to only optimize your post for indexing as fast in search engines.

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#4 Make Your Post Interact able

Try to get more interaction in your post.Dont give only tips and tricks you have to make that post intractable by few methods.

  • Ask Some Interesting Questions
  • include personal experience
  • Make some funny atmosphere

5# Interlink Some Great Posts Related Your Post

Internal links make it easier for your readers to navigate through your site and find more content.If you interlink articles than it leading readers to other relevant posts, of a sudden your readers are exploring your site for an extended period of time, rather than only a few minutes. And this greatly increases the chance of them subscribing or coming back another time.

6#Define Yourself 

Do not forgot to add your author bio with your blogs links.

Define yourself in simple and interesting words so readers read it and help you to bring up.

#7 Sharing Is Carrying 

Sharing on social media is the most important part of any guest blogging contest.Who had took care on social media sure he will win.

Sharing has made me winners in to many giveaways and contests so careful sharing will really helpful to you to win contest.

I hope this tips will helpful to you for winning any guest blogging contest.


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Published: Sep 12, 2017 11:20pm by bhatu.


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