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Hardly any manufacturer of gaming mice has such a confusing product range as Logitech: After the typical " Logitech G ... " followed by combinations of numbers like 402, 303, 700 - as one wishes almost the clarity of back earlier than the MX518 THE Gaming mouse from Logitech.


Of course, legendary mice need legendary successor - and this is where comes the combinations of numbers "502" into play: The Logitech G502 Proteus is the current flagship of Logitech gaming mouse fleet, with all sorts of promising features. Even on Reddit, there is a special G502MasterRace subreddit, in which fans of the mouse exchange their superiority. Whether the futuristic G502 can achieve a similar legendary status as the MX518 from before, we reveal in our Logitech G502 test!


Logitech G502: The features of the mouse


The Logitech G502 looks futuristic - all sorts of mouse buttons and angular, twisted shapes. These core features are hidden behind the mouse façade :


Logitech G502 review: First impression




With no other top mouse, so many materials collide. Hard / cracked plastic as the main surface (provided with a triangle pattern on the sides for grip), glossy elements for the side buttons and the case, as well as metal for the mouse wheel. Only the underside of the mouse is not perfect: the material of the sliding coating (ie the layer that rests directly on the mouse pad) is quite hard - and thus with equally hard mouse pads (like SteelSeries 9HD ) two worlds collide. For this reason, we recommend using a softer fabric mouse pad in our Logitech G502 test.




Despite these twists, the mouse is very handy and forms a nice mixture of the classic, symmetrical Sensei form and the hump-like, asymmetrical Deathadder form. This makes the hand comfortable in the Palm Grip and has an excellent ergonomic design due to the small elevation on the left side of the mouse back. Overall, the mouse is also quite heavy without weight: the G502 weighs a total of 121 grams, even without additional weights. Especially if you currently use a light mouse (eg Zowie FK1 ), you should consider a small change over time.


Mouse Keys:


Despite the abundance of mosaics, the ergonomics also stand out in this respect: the two thumb buttons are very easy to reach thanks to their size. Here is a clear advantage compared to other mice (eg Zowie FK1, Xtrfy XG-M2 ), in which the side buttons are quite small. I am also positively surprised by the idea of placing two buttons next to the left mouse button: these two buttons are super easy to reach and in many games extremely handy. Here, some manufacturers should ask themselves why they have not come up with this idea - for us an outstanding innovation. Press the " G9" Behind the scroll wheel is so far back that you can only use it by lifting the hand - you could have omitted.

Praxistest: The Logitech G502 in use


In our Logitech G502 test, two games were used: League of Legends and the Unreal Tournament 4 Alpha. The fact that the Maustracking is perfect in both games was to be expected - the error-free sensor provides with low latency as well as deactivated angle snapping. However, there are the many possibilities to use mouse buttons meaningfully (!) In the game. Do not get us wrong - of course, a Zowie FK1 has seven Maustasten. However, we do not use the small side buttons on the right, for example, since the actuation with the small finger is much too un-economical.


This is not the case with the Logitech G502: Not only the side buttons on the left are considerably larger, which makes them easier to use - especially the G7 & G8 buttons next to the left mouse button are fantastic to use in various games. In Unreal Tournament, for example, we have placed certain weapon bindings on the buttons (Sniper / Shock Rifle) in order to switch quickly (the pointing finger has to move only minimally). Likewise in CS: GO the different grenades could be placed on the side buttons of the G502, or in the League of Legends the active items (eg Zhonyas).


After we have exchanged our SteelSeries 9HD mouse pad for a Logitech G240 fabric mouse pad, the mouse also slides perfectly over the ground. The weight of the mouse is as mentioned above quite high, but together with the Xtrfy XG-M2 still just so in the frame. Therefore, we did not include the included weights in the mouse. The installation of the weights is however very intelligently solved since the opening at the bottom of the mouse with a magnet is closed. Therefore the weights can be exchanged without tools.


Only the big " force " of the mouse wheel was negative in the game: due to the high weight sometimes the complete mouse moves with the wheel, which is not really good for the precision (oddly more in the high than in the runner scroll), Maybe " less " would have been here, such as a simple wheel made of hard plastic.


Logitech G502 review: Conclusion


Expectations of the flagship of the Logitech mouse fleet were high - and were (almost) fully met: Excellent features, high-quality materials and a conclusive ergonomic concept with many practical details catapulted the G502 into the top group of gaming mice. Smaller weak points (mouse wheel, hard mouse floor) are balanced by ergonomic mousses, a fault-free sensor, an exemplary software. For us, the Logitech G502 is certainly one of the best gaming mice available on the market!


Published: Oct 12, 2017 9:07pm by whatgamingmouse.

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