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With the need to protect one of our most precious resources more important then ever before, rainwater harvesting is now easier then ever with some innovative water saving devices from Bettapumps. Not only is saving the water off your roof great for the environment but also a excellent way to save some much needed money. With the cost of water increasing more and more from year to year Bettapumps has a great product to help you do this.


Bettapumps is proud to be the supplier of a unique product called the Waterboy Wizard. The device is an innovative rainwater harvesting device that is a leading water saving product in its field. A large number of leading builders, plumbers and irrigation specialists prefer using this high performance product supplied by Bettapumps. Coupled with a rainwater tank pump the Waterboy Wizard allows home owners to cut down their water bills and get the highest possible water savings from their rainwater tank. The Waterboy Wizard supplies water from the rainwater tank to your toilets, washing machine and garden taps.


The Major Advantages of the Waterboy Wizard are:


The Tank is completely enclosed in a neat, UV protected housing. It is durable.

It automatically switches from tanks supply to mains supply if there is no water in the tank or there is a power or pump failure, thus increasing the reliability.

There is absolutely no requirement for a float.

The installation is quite simple and easy. It doesn’t require any hardwiring or drilling.

The product uses a Dry Run safety mechanism, hence improving the quality and service.

It has an inline pump protective filter which keeps the water safe from any contamination.


Now is the time to start saving money and conserving our water resources and it’s high time, we start using smarter, more economical techniques of conserving water. Rainwater Harvesting is an excellent technique to collect rainwater from rooftops and use around the house. The Waterboy Wizard supplied by Bettapumps comes with stainless steel hosing, filters and a pump cover ensuring that the product offers the very best in rainwater harvesting technology and durability. Bettapumps supplies a great range of rainwater tanks and pumps at reasonable prices which are great value for money.


If you'd like more information on rainwater harvesting and slimline rainwater tank or the innovative Waterboy Wizard, please call Toll Free 1300 807 889 or visit

Published: Oct 23, 2011 7:58am by gavinhealeybp.

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