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To all Councillors,
Just as Councillors and Councils have to adjust to demographic changes in their jurisdictions or their society, so do private businesses.
Video stores are nearly a thing of the past, along with 35mm film processing labs (Kodak is a great example of failure to "adapt"). Unfortunately, with most RV's being manufactured (released today 20,708 NEW vans & motorhomes manufactured in 2012 - RVMAA) as self-contained (All Winnebago- now Avida - and most Jayco mh's are), so the 50's,60's, and 70's caravan park ideals and modesl are redundant. Most Caravan/Cabin Parks are "relying" on Council bylaws for their custom, which herd and corral RV's  into Cabin Parks under threat of fines for "non compliance"! 
This CP "strategy" is causing the backlash seen in many towns needing the tourist dollar to survive. This "strategy" has failed many towns and failed many CP owners as word spreads and the Rv's just drive by to more friendly areas where they are appreciated - not discriminated against (water-borne RV's get treated with respect and "public" facilities), treated as cash cows for one business model, or fined for visiting!
The recent newspaper report in The Murray Valley Standard, Questions over RV Parking, was full of untruths, unsubstantiated claims, and scaremongering at its worst - I suspect you gathered that and didn't fall into the trap - most shouldn't. The Show Society also needs support to continue to provide its "services". By allowing RV's to park overnight is minimal impact on CP's as the CP's are not providing the "product" a traveller wants - Parking, not Camping,-  no outside facilities/services required. We hardly use a CP, only when WE decide WE want their product - like using a hardware store when WE need something there - like WE decide to buy a loaf of bread either from IGA or the local bakery.
 A CP cannot LOSE money if I was not going to stay there in the first place, by bypassing town or "parking" elsewhere.
I now submit below my signature some comments for your consideration. I penned it as comments on this whole issue
I thank you for reading this far, and I hope I have given you  some ideas as to "Life on the Road"
Best of luck in attracting some of the 20,708 new rigs to your area by "enlightened" thinking and "attractive" promotions
p.s.  Scaremongering at its worst. $40-00/night for electricity for each motorhome/caravan? Someone was away with the pixies with that statement. Do the sums, every house bill would be at least $3,600-00/qtr at that rate. Even Cabin Parks would have to charge at least $50-00/n per site - Get real, stop the outright lies. 

Upgrade the electricity supply? Why? Self contained rigs do not require Power!

Upgrade the sewerage system? Why? Self contained rigs have holding tanks - just a Dump Point into a sewer main is all that is required - and the EzyDump equipment can be provided FREE, through the CMCA or Gov't!

Upgrade the toilet block/s? Why? Self contained rigs have onboard toilets into holding tanks. (As an aside, the current "public" toilets are not "legal/compliant" for use at all, now, then? Or for "Show Society" events?)

What "compliance" "rules" are broken for the Society to provide a "parking" spot overnight? Is there a private "parking" station in Murray Bridge so that "competitive neutrality" principles apply? NO!.

CP's income is on average 3-5% of a town/district income - so 95% of businesses miss out with the "passing" trade. Is that fair? Why does one sector deserve/demand "protective species" status?

Just ponder the benefits rather than pander!

See for FB users previous forays by CP's and the furore that ensues.

p.p.s At 25c/kwh and caravans/motorhomes limited to 15amps (3.6kw) (input/inlet) that is 90c/hr so at $40-00/night as "claimed" by CP's that is over 44hrs to "consume" that amount of electricity.


Published: Feb 27, 2013 2:10pm by simonvw.

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