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Therapists who Listen, Know what they're doing and Fix the problem

59 Torquay Road

Hervey Bay, QLD 4655

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For natural therapies in Maroochydore and Bowen visit Breathe Easy Therapies for a range of alternative natural therapies and medical assistance including kinesiology, deep tissue massages, remedial massage and relaxation massages.

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    Bowen Therapies

    Bowen Therapy was developed between the 1950's and the early 1980's by Mr Tom Bowen of Geelong, Victoria. He was completely self-taught and yet came up with one of the most remarkable healing modalities in the world today. Read more about his story here.

    During a session, the Bowen Therapist performs a series of rolling movements over various muscles, tendons and nerve groups. These are made in groups, with a two minute wait between each group. The moves are usually made with the fingers or thumbs but one or two of the deeper moves are made with the elbow. Having said that, a Bowen Treatment is very gentle and can be performed on anyone from babies to the elderly. Indeed, I performed Bowen on my youngest son when he was less than a minute old. He was delivered as a full breech baby and I was concerned about his breathing and his hips. I'm happy to say that these weren't a problem to him then or since.

    Even with it's gentleness and simplicity, Bowen Therapy is amazingly effective against practically any health problem. The average number of treatments needed is three, although some more deep-rooted problems may require more. Compare this to almost any other natural therapy and you can see what a wonderful legacy Mr Tom Bowen left us.

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    Kinesiology Maryborough

    The benefits that Kinesiology can bring

    • a relief from the negative thoughts going round and round in your head,

    • a happier and more positive outlook on your life,

    • a greater sense of direction and life purpose,

    • new ways to relate to people or situations that constantly raise your stress levels,

    • a happy tummy and bowel (a balanced digestive system),

    • relief from headaches,

    • a reduction in your back pain, neck pain, and other sore spots

    • improvement in your allergies and sensitivities,

    • healing for candida and other nasty bugs….

    Why try Kinesiology?

    There are many reasons to choose Kinesiology. It is an effective method of healing for just about any pain or stress you have. Though many people try kinesiology out of curiosity or as a last resort (nothing else has worked so I may as well try this), I would encourage you to become better informed so that you may make the right choice for you.

    Kinesiology looks at the person as a whole – not just your presenting symptoms, but everything about you that brings you to the here and now today. It will not supply you with a quick fix. There probably won't be one simple thing to do and all your troubles will be solved. It will challenge you at a personal level. The challenge will depend on where things are 'most out of whack' in your life. It's easy to point to 'the wrong foods' or 'over-work' or not enough exercise as the culprits. Though these may be things you can change in your life, they are usually superficial stresses that you are probably already aware of and may have even attempted to fix in the past. Our lives are far more complex than this and your treatment needs to encompass this complexity. Underneath the obvious stresses, there will be a deeper, far more unique issue that comes from being you.

    Imagine your story is a jig-saw puzzle. There are pieces of the puzzle missing or else you wouldn't be here searching for healing. Using muscle-testing we identify the significant players and events, your feelings and responses that have led you to this place of pain. We look for patterns and repetitions to help make sense of 'the puzzle' – your life. Armed with this information we provide healing and support.

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    Best Massage in Hervey Bay

    If you're looking for massage in Hervey Bay, look no further

    We offer Deep Tissue Massage, Remedial Massage, Aromatherapy Massage and Relaxation Massage.

    We have three qualified massage therapists to take care of your every need

    Whether you are looking for pampering or something deeper to get into those muscular knots and tensions, we have a therapist to suit you. Our massage therapists have many years of experience behind them and past clients speak highly of them. Experience a massage at Breathe Easy Therapies and your body will love you forever.

    Massage that gives results

    Have you had massages before that wear off all too soon? Susan's unique remedial massage is gentle and relaxing with just the right amount of pressure to suit you. Your tender and sore muscles are relaxed and healed using traditional massage, acupressure and emotional release points so that the effects of the massage last so much longer. Those sore muscles that have been nagging at you for months are fixed and don't tend to come back. That's the heart of this technique. Feel-good massage and relief that lasts.

    Half n Half

    Becoming increasingly popular with our regular clients, Susan's half hour of kinesiology will identify and correct any muscular problems, or give you the "emotional top-up" you need. Then the wonders of relaxation can really kick in with a half hour pampering massage, leaving you totally relaxed and floating out of the door.


    30 minute massage


    60 minute massage


    60 minute Half n Half


    90 minute massage or Half n Half


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    GNLD Nutritional Support

    Sometimes you will need to support your diet with nutritional supplements. It is well known that our soils are getting more and more depleted of essential nutrients, that our foods are often harvested before they are ripe, and then we have the storing, processing and cooking that further reduces the quality of what we are eating.

    We also need to be honest about the typical Australian diet. We are encouraged to eat more wholegrains, 7 serves of fruit & veges, and less processed foods. In our busy lifestyles of today, healthy food choices on a daily basis can be tough.

    Many supplements available on the market are of low quality and how do you know what is the right supplement for you??


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