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Did the time on site in your website improves after the site revamp? Did the visitors opening 4 product pages now compare to the old one? Did the page url's of your site are more human readily than before?
Many entrepreneurs leave everything to a web design agency from Perth because they do not know what they should be taking care ofpersonally. Before realizing you have a missing status, you need to read and starts making your own record of the following. 
1. Google analytics
This is the database of your site visitors and their behavior. You need to keep the old GA scripts so you will clearly see the improvement of visitors after redesigns. 
The new site should improve the time on site and bounce rate. They are the hidden factors that can tell if your site have quality content. Logically, if your services have a high percentage of exit rate then immediately find a top Perth's web development  company.
2.  Google webmaster confirmation code
How often you visit your webmaster page? How many times you lookat the stats about your website impressions in search results? How many times you read messages from Google about missing pages, site links changes and possible meta duplication? 
Losing the webmaster confirmation code means losing important history of your website impressions from search engines. You cannot afford to lose the history of your inbound links, this feature tells if your exterior and internal links are growing naturally. Together with GA scripts, save these two in a text file. 
3. Sitemap.
Most of the websites either corporate or eCommerce web design do not have proper sitemap. Sitemap clearly show the structure of your website. It's like the director of the building. Its main purpose is to help visitors find the deeper information in your website faster. In short, it improvesthe user experience. 
The site owner should master their website structure. They should keep the website flowchart to make sure  they can evaluate the new one. If the website still have complete pages based on your sitemap or on your agreement then this is a good indicaiton.
Nothing to worry with web development project because they will keep all your meta titles, descriptions and tags in database. The complete digital web development company optimized further by identifying the right landing page and adding one or more profitable keywords.

Published: Mar 24, 2014 6:28pm by jobette.

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