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In its latest round of household burglary figures, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed there’s been a rise in the theft of garden tools.

Power tools, electric trimmers and cutters, mowers, right down to forks, spades and hammers – if they’re there and they’re accessible, the thieves are flogging them.

Funny isn’t it: we spend thousands on locks and flash security systems to protect all the valuables inside our homes but when it comes to our sheds and the workshops under our homes, many of us are satisfied that a simple door latch will keep strangers from entering.

“Oh, there’s nothing of much value, just a bunch of rusting tools and a lawnmower, few saws and drills, she’ll be right,” we say. Wrong. These things might be old and rusting but they can cost a fortune to replace, and with the stats show garden tool theft is on the increase, perhaps it’s a timely reminder for us to become a little more vigilant about protecting our household tools and equipment.

Of course thieves don’t just stop at tools – prized plants located in private or public gardens are also being targeted. Only weeks ago, so-called ‘Green-Thumbed thieves’ flogged more than 50 young plants from a landscaped community garden run by the Clarence Valley Council in northern New South Wales.

In a way, these thieves are smart: they figure why risk an alarm going off when you break into a house, when you can simply walk right in and take the stuff?

The first most obvious solution to avoid being victim of garden tool theft is to put them away. Don’t leave them outside.

The second best tip is to lock up your shed. You lock up your house, why not lock up your shed? In addition, why not have your most valuable garden tools security marked, as you would the most valuable items in your house?


Might be time we started locking up that door under the house... but where's the key?

When we were kids, thieves stole two bikes from our garage and a hammock from the front yard. Mum and Dad reported the thefts to the cops and because my brother and I loved our bikes so much, the folks had to fork out the cash for new bikes to put an end to the incessant whinging. Such expenses add up.

To help homeowners assess the security requirements of their property, and Australian security company has developed a free online questionnaire that can be accessed from this website.

“Theft remains the greatest threat to Australian homes," said Mark Norton of  ADT Security. "It is crucial that residents take whatever precautionary measures they can to keep their homes and families safe from harm."

Posted: Friday July 9, 2010.

Published: Jul 9, 2010 10:00am by philippa.

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    Yes, we guard our jewels and forget that so many other things cost so much to replace. Garden tools are expensive and usually a collection of hand tools spans many years of collection. Now of course we all have labour saving devices such as blowers, hedge trimmers, whipper snippers and the list goes on……..all of these things are costly to replace. The theft of plants and hoses and other garden accessories is on the rise because more people are becoming interested in having a garden patch……..shame with the good, well intentioned activities comes greed and theft.

    Published Jul 9, 2010 9:54pm by dellmo

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