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  • Specialised Dental Treatment

    This includes treating the infected pulp tissue in the tooth. Opposed to the historical dental practice when RCT's took several sittings and were painful, current day Endodontists can render treatment usually in a single sitting which is pain-free and quick. Pediatric Dental Treatment: A Pedodontist provides relief to the child by appropriate behavior management skills making the experience very comfortable for the anxious infant. Getting a thorough dental treatment by a pedodontist in early childhood may aid in a strong foundation for the permanent teeth cleaning. Periodontal treatment (Gum Care): People usually tend to ignore their gum health and report to a dentist only when they have dental pain. A Periodontist is an expert in gum repositioning care and performs various dental procedures for maintaining gum health (or health around the teeth). Ignorance of gum health may lead to early tooth loss. With the help of dental lasers, gum treatment can be rendered completely pain-free. Orthodontic treatment (Braces): Crooked, misaligned teeth can be restored to that perfect smile which almost everyone desires by dental mechanics rendered by an Orthodontist. Braces can now be positioned on the backside of the teeth with almost no visibility (lingual orthodontics) or removable transparent aligners especially crafted/customized to fit teeth (invisalign). Adieu metal braces! Implant Dentistry: Advent of dental implants has made it possible to now replace missing teeth in an hour! Why touch healthy teeth for support in fabricating a bridge when an Implantologist can simply provide an implant for the missing tooth/teeth. Have no teeth and want a fixed replacement? Guess what it's now possible to get "teeth in a day"-Fast and Fixed! Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry: Enhancement of a person's smile with emphasis mainly on appearance is the goal of a cosmetic dentist. It's not a recognized specialty branch in the dental profession as such but requires a keen artistic eye and may be years of experience to render cosmetic treatment with that finesse and perfection. It may include teeth whitening/bleaching for discolored teeth, direct or indirect veneers by tooth colored materials like composite or ceramic respectively for disproportionate teeth, gaps or any misalignment. The gum can also be contoured according to the pink display required with the help of digital smile design. Gums can also be bleached from black to healthy pink by gum depigmentation by lasers or other dental tools. Cosmetic dentistry is a culmination of various specialized dentistry branches. It is an integral part of Full mouth rehabilitation required for the failing, worn out or broken dentition, to restore the smile & function. Dentistry as a branch is evolving every day, every second some new material, technique, machine is being discovered, worked on to give people superlative dental treatment. Innovations in dentistry are galore, but very few dentists are actually updated with the latest trends and advances in this field. The specialty model of dentistry aims towards paramount treatment with definite patient satisfaction.

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  • Antique Sword Canes

    In any case, please enjoy the antique sword walking cane as an art form, not as a weapon. The most deadly thing can be a most beautiful art form – or the other way around – depending on its use. I hope that you enjoy the beauty in its creation, rather than its potential for destruction. Article Source:

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