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Dogs are cute and have so much love to give. However, they require a lot of time and energy to take care of. To keep a dog healthy, you must be devoted. If you are a dog lover and in college, you may be contemplating getting one. Before you do, you ought to evaluate your living situation and priorities first. Here are things to consider.


Owning a dog means that you will have to factor in their needs in your budget. A dog will need food, grooming, toys, and bedding. In case your dog has some health issues such as allergic reactions or if they require a special diet to control weight or for some medical reason, their food can get expensive. Also, your dog will need regular vet visits and you may have to secure their health insurance. If you opt for a puppy factor in additional training charges to instil obedience and fix behavioral issues.


Dogs need your attention. You have to set some time aside to bond with them, take them for walks, and indulge in play. We all know how valuable this resource is while in college. At times, you may be so short of time that you even need help with your homework, which you can get on this life saving website. Adding a pet to your life when your schedule is already packed may not be a good idea as you can’t afford them the much needed quality time. Before getting one, evaluate if you can afford juggling the two.

Long Term Commitment

Getting a dog is a long term commitment. You will have to prepare for some lifestyle changes to accommodate your pet. He will be your responsibility even during school breaks and you have to make him comfortable when not around. This may require you to secure pet sitting services. Keeping a dog is not a passing fad. Once you get them, they are your responsibility for life. Getting one only to abandon them at the end of the semester is pretty much irresponsible and cruel. Be certain that you want the dog and will keep him for the long haul.


In most cases, campus dorms are short of space. While you should opt for a pet-friendly environment, simply because they are labelled so doesn’t translate to an ideal place to have a dog. It could be perfect for a cat. Your apartment ought to have enough space for your pet to avoid confining them into a crate. Where the space is limited, opt for alternative pets that can survive in constricted space.


Not every collegiate will be okay with living with a dog. For some, it could be out of medical reasons such as allergies while others won’t tolerate a dog. Whichever the reason, respect it. The last thing you want is to confine your dog only to your room and keep him away from communal areas. Before getting a dog, talk to your roommates first. If they are not okay with it, swap with others who are or simply don’t get a dog.

If after considering the above you feel confident enough to own one, go for it. However, if there are reasons that will inhibit your dog’s wellbeing, opt for alternative pests. You could still enjoy the company of dogs by volunteering in local shelters or pet sitting. The latter will earn you some extra cash.

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