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Finding a Dominican woman via the Brilic app

If you’re wondering what this app is about, here’s a quick guide. Brilic is an innovative worldwide dating application that provides an opportunity to choose your partner from any country based on your personal preferences. It provides a 3-days free trial for you to explore the app and get used to it.

You can install and register for free, using your email or a Facebook account. After registration, you may begin searching immediately. During these days all services in the app are free. You can use search, send messages, photos, and virtual gifts – the only thing that is paid during the trial period. After the expiry, you have to decide whether to continue using the app.

You will definitely like it because of the user-friendly intuitive interface, thousands of beautiful women’s accounts and great search options that will allow you to set up the image of your perfect soulmate. The safety of this app is also incredible. All accounts are active and belong to real people. There’re no fakes, fraud accounts or scammers. The Brilic team puts much effort into maintaining the app’s prestige and making it as clean and reliable as possible.

You can contact the support team at any time and receive a quick response. The team is always there to answering any questions or solving any problem that the customer might have. It’s a really reliable and efficient application worth every cent!

Dominican woman in relationships

Latina women are very passionate and unpredictable. For Western men, it might be difficult to get used to their strange behavior, so these are some things you can expect from your Dominican girlfriend:

  1. Spontaneous parties. She might chat with her friends peacefully, and the next minute they’re already dancing and drinking some alcohol. Don’t be surprised, Dominican people love parties and especially they love dancing. All they need is some rum, a couple of people and music: bachata or merengue.
  2. They are very hospitable and can allow you to their party even if you don’t know anyone. They’ll feed you, treat with some drinks and teach you to dance. The benefit of this feature is that you’ll never have to second guess if the girl is into you or at least considering such a possibility. She behavior and attitude will be louder than words.
  3. Don’t be shocked if she’s dressing up like she’s going to a red carpet. Dominican girls tend to overdress and wear make-up. Big curves are celebrated in their country, so they are not afraid of showing them off.
  4. Dominican people are into baseball very much. They adore this sport, so if you want to impress your girlfriend, get some baseball tickets. Here you have to be prepared for the overflow of emotions. Dominican women are very emotional, so they might yell and even swear during the game. It’s normal, so don’t be surprised.
  5. Learn to love plantains. You’ll see them a lot, as she loves her “mangu”. And of course don’t forget salami, they’re famous for it.
  6. Dominicans love to drink, every day for them is a good opportunity to drink and have a good party. Even if she’s not feeling well, do not expect her to lay in bed. Her friends will definitely come for her and the disease will be quickly cured with some drinks. Apparently, this combo cures anything in no time. That’s how much Dominican women love friends and parties.
  7. If you’re going to hang out with her friends, expect a lot of Dominican slang which is definitely not your typical Spanish 101. Note that Dominicans are super loud and they speak fast, so even if you know some Spanish, in the beginning, there’re absolutely zero chances that you’ll understand a word and take part in their conversation. Also, forget about your personal space as they don’t know such a notion.

The struggle of dating a Dominicana

Every nationality has its pros and cons, demonstrating some both beautiful qualities and strange behavior peculiarities. If you’re dating a Dominican woman, prepare yourself to deal with the following feature typical for these ladies:

Extreme jealousy. The first and foremost thing you need to know when starting dating with a Dominicana is utter jealousy of these women. It’s something that you just have to get used to because in their culture it’s considered as normal behavior. Even if you’ve been together for ages, once in a while this problem will definitely pop up and annoy you. It can be a real problem especially in the beginning of the relationships, so just be patient until you learn more about each other and get to know what to expect from each other. In this case, some little misunderstandings will be resolved much more quickly.


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