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You have purchased a lot and are now ready to have your dream home built on it but how do you know you have the right home builders Brisbane?  If you do not take your time to find the right one you could lose not only time but also money.  To avoid becoming a victim of unscrupulous home builders here are some tips that will help you make sure that you are hiring the right one.

Before you hire a home builder ask for references and make sure that you contact them.  You can also ask for addresses of some of the work they have done so you can drive by and see firsthand what type of work he has done.  It may be possible when checking references that one of them might let you come to see the inside of their home so you can see the home builders work.  If you are working with a real estate agency they might be able to give you a home builder referral.

You should also see if they have been certified under the National Association Home Builders (NAHB) National Housing Quality Program.  When a builder is certified it ensures the homeowner that the builder will do everything from planning your home with you to making sure that the building is carried out with no problems.

Although it is not mandatory in all states to have a license to build a home it is recommended that the builder you hire be licensed.  When they are licensed it will ensure you that the builder is committed until the home is completely built.  When you hire one that is local and licensed they can help make sure that you get all the necessary permits.  You should also make sure that they have the necessary damage and liability insurance to cover their employees and you at the construction site.  Most builders will want to come see the site so they can give you a fair estimate of the cost to build your dream home.  Ask the builders to bring proof of their licenses and insurance coverage for you to see.  Do not just take their work for it because if something happens you could be held responsible.

Make a short list of builders in Brisbane you are considering hiring and schedule a time for them to visit the site so you can interview them.  One question you should ask is the time frame when the home should be complete and ready to move in.  Visit their website and look at all the reviews, see how long they have been in business, etc.  Doing all these things will help you find the right home builder to build your new home.

Published: Apr 1, 2016 3:02pm by jammie.

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