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I did not have any experience about mentoring as I was still in the developmental slope. In my mind, there were pictures of adults mentoring as a legacy. But, then in my mid-career, suddenly the idea hits in. I had much of an experience of what others were just starting to get. I always wanted to be more like a river and not just a dictionary of information.

I would certainly like to speak more about mentoring in this column as to how to share the information, how to get the knowledge and most importantly how to maintain a strong partnership. This mentoring thing is s cycle and if you want to start mentoring, then you need to be mentored. Remember the secret; your teacher can be younger than you as mentoring grows with experience and not age.

Something for the Mentors

Choose Carefully

I am often in a fix and ask my mentees; I do not know the application process and neither do I cite any formula. Are they aware of my qualifications? How do they know I am in mentoring?

A young man once asked to send him a birthday card with a single question as a surprise? Would I send the card as I haven’t corresponded in years through letters!

I consider my skills to be the star and my talents and the experience can trigger the career of the person in my journey. I do try to match.   

Do not overextend

When you are flying with a co-pilot, you need to make sure that you are there to provide him the assistance if needed. I have been working for 12 years with people and offering them to attend the uninvited sessions and provide them the attention.

Always remember that in mentoring, some do not need a proper or scheduled sit-in. Some of the best sessions that I remember were with Ms. Elizabeth, my mentee and the CEO of my company.

Consider the lessons

Mentoring is both structured and spontaneous at the same time. Even I, in my early years, made a mistake in the lesson. I thought my mentee would need any guidance in it. These days, I often ask my mentees to share the agenda of the day and take the session along the way. But, I am there to control the structure.

The three things I like you all to note regarding the instructions is:


The lesson planned must be connected with each other, just like to make a big picture with small pieces of the puzzle.


The lesson must be on top of the other. You as the mentor will develop the structure while the mentee will build the house.


As the continuity develops between the mentor and the mentee, the understanding also takes the lead and both can manage the direction of the meetings.

Pass it on

You can re-teach your lessons by sharing the information. This verbal way of sending the information will highlight the main points of the lesson and you can get the learning experience. The more you pass on the information, the more chances are there to get the new information, which will ultimately increase your vocabulary.

Final thought

I was just wondering and asking myself that I have now become richer by taking the challenge of becoming a mentor. This has really changed the concepts and I am now in a continuing cycle of teaching and learning. Getting to know my mentees is also important. Through mentoring, we can allow our mentees to write my assignment  style and transfer the wisdom of trust and spread the influence to make them participate in different tasks that they can learn.

This is how I do… Now, how will you teach, if you are invited to teach?


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