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Magento vs Prestashop - Which one?
Hello everyone, If now I want to open a new online store which sales about 800 items of clothes and shoes. Which shopping cart should I use, Magento or Prestashop? Or if now I choose Prestashop but in the future i want to change to use Magento, so is there any ways to transfer Prestashop to Magento? Please show me! Any help could be appriciated!

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    To entry the e-commerce market at the first time, people tend to choose a platform that is easy to install, use and control, with a minimal setting up cost. The startup businesses have to consider their budget and the resource to control their online store. After a few years, the company conditions change and their need of features for the online store increases. You wonder that the current platform with simple things is enough for businesses or you need a powerful, complex and well-design system to reach customers and expand online stores. The online world is changing; businesses cannot be at a standstill. If you feel that budget to develop Magento is too high with your condition and complex management system hinders development of your business, Prestashop is good e-commerce solution. In the reversed case, Magento is the better choice for your online store in many years to go. You wonder how to move your current website to Magento without changing database. You should do a trial with Prestashop to Magento migration to transfer products from Prestashop to Magento.

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Convert osCommerce to Prestashop?
Are you considering to export osCommerce to Prestashop? Have you found any softwares that satisfy you? If you have not done it, so why dont you come with LitExtension? By putting a lot of effort, LitExtension shopping cart migration is always the best choice for people. You can get an osCommerce to Prestashop migration module and migrate it successfully within a few simple steps.

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Switching X-cart to Woocommerce?
Today, WooCommerce has become more and more popular among Ecommerce community because of it's convenience. Almost WooCommerce's users are satisfied with using WooCommerce with reason is it easy to use and  low-cost. On the other hand, X-cart also be loved by users but it has limited functions that cannot support well that sometimes annoys them. As the result, X-cart users are looking for switching X-cart to WooCommerce for better functions and effects.  LitExtension understands what people need, then, we has released our ultimate product named X-cart to WooCommerce Migration Tool which supports users to transfer all data in X-cart site WooCommerce site. If now you are concerning this product, please click: X-cart to WooCommerce

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