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Security Services Gold Coast: DMS SECURITY Gold Coast

For Security Services on the Gold Coast contact DMS SECURITY Gold Coast  for residential security, commercial security, mobile patrols, static guards, security dogs, event security, marina security, key holding, construction site guards and more security services on the Gold Coast.

DMS SECURITY Gold Coast, having got your Security Team through their recruitment, screening, vetting and training we will also commence external service monitoring to maintain the highest service performance.

This will be achieved via our supervisor inspection team, or higher-ranking officer carrying out random site visits to ensure that the service runs smoothly.

Each of your locations will receive a minimum of one supervisory or higher-ranking officer visit per shift. In effect what will happen is each supervisor or higher-ranking officer on his inspection will sign the site logbook indicating the time of arrival and departure of your site.

Our managers will check these logs weekly to ensure both the guards and supervisors are maintaining the high standards our clientele expect. In essence Dedicated Monitored Services Security provides a self-monitoring system designed to ensure on your behalf, that the performance of your service needs are being constantly addressed, and where necessary corrective measures adopted should problems occur.

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    Our Mission Statement







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    Survey and Assignment Instructions

    To complete the specific requirements that are essential to formulate comprehensive “Assignment Instructions” our security Management team will, together with your Management, carry out a full Assignment survey.

    The survey will cover all aspects of your assignment, so that risks are identified and minimized. Upon completion of the survey and collation of the information, we will compile in conjunction with your management, the detailed instructions that will enable the security team to professionally control your working environment.

    Three copies of instructions are provided: one for the client to facilitate performance measurement; one for the security team to provide an “Aide Memoir” and one for our management team to keep on file, in case of emergency.

    We would suggest very few security companies ensure all your risks are investigated.

    This invariably results in “REACTION” and unprofessional handling of emergency situations, whereas Dedicated Monitored Services Security believes in “PREVENTION” and clear policy to deal with any emergency that arises.

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    Selecting Your Guard

    Our biggest investment on your behalf is the effort we go to attract and retain the best possible team of security officers. Our program is aimed at the recruiting and training process, the task of service implementation and, of course, management and supervision.

    Their primary function will be the “protection of life and property” at your site. Our aim is to allocate the right guard to the right job. Although most people regard security as a stereotype, and wrongly believe one guard is as good as another and all security is basically the same, we at DMS believe each and every site is different in many ways, and as such requires a specific type of guard.

    After our management team, has completed a site survey, the next step for DMS is to select the guard/guards that would best suit your individual site and needs, some of the things we look for in a guard are honesty, integrity, health, experience, and attitude, for example, you may have a site or venue that requires the guard to interact with residents, guests or clients, so an experienced guard with good communication skills would be preferable to a guard with experience on building sites, where they would have little or no interaction with the public.

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    Our Security Training

    All our guards are licensed security crowd controllers, with a first aid certificate, but this is just paperwork, when DMS take over your security contract, and a guard is selected, he will be briefed by our management team as to his duties and responsibilities, then he will have on site training by a supervisor (or higher ranking officer) at your site to ensure the guard is fully versed with the lay out and instructions of the site, then and only then will the guard be left to manage the site on his/her own.

    This process usually takes two – three days, however this may vary depending upon the guard and the complexity of the site, Obviously DMS absorb any and all of the training costs incurred. This is part of our ongoing promise to ensure you receive the best possible service, for minimal cost.

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    Quality Assurance

    Sadly the word ‘quality’ has become a much-misused word. Most see it as a ‘fashionable’ thing with which to be associated. Others see it as a marketing tool.

    We can assure you Dedicated Mobile Security falls into neither category. We are determined to take the lead in the Queensland security market. We see that an intelligent approach to the application of ‘identifiable and measurable standards’ will set the standard from this time forward.

      Our quality program is real and recognizable. In simple terms it is:

    • Understanding the objectives

    • Identifying and quantifying the key tasks

    • Measuring performance against them

    Such an approach to quality cannot be separated from any element of the service we provide: It is an integral part of each and every one of them. Equally, it is not an activity that we seek to pursue in isolation. It requires involvement, evaluation and feedback from you, our client, at all stages. Moreover, as circumstances change the DMS service will continue to be progressive in purpose and design.

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    All security officers will be required to report on duty by telephone to central control. If they fail to call in, a supervisor or mobile officer will be dispatched to the location immediately. That officer will remain there until a relief officer arrives.

    Uniformed supervisors on patrol will carry out random spot checks on all security officers. Advice on their duties is given and checks are made on compliance with location instructions.


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