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breathing retraining and health education

The Buteyko Institute Method of retraining your breathing has a dramatic effect on decreasing the symptoms of Asthma, sleep apnoea, snoring and many other respiratory related illnesses.

The breathing retraining and health education program which provides maximum relief of symptoms and minimum use of medications and machines.

This site is designed to provide concise information on Buteyko with particular attention given to its application for asthma, sleep apnoea, snoring, nasal problems and general health improvements.

This information is based on over 10 years experience with teaching Buteyko Breathing. Along with my colleagues in the Buteyko Institute, I express overwhelming gratitude to Professor Buteyko for his work and discoveries.

Buteyko - the key to breathing easily and sleeping all night.

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  • About Buteyko

    The Buteyko Institute Method teaches people to correct dysfunctional breathing and thereby normalise their breathing pattern. This results in immediate improvement in asthma, sleep apnoea, snoring, emphysema, COAD, COPD, sinusitis, hay fever, rhinitis, blocked nose, allergies, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, panic and anxiety conditions, and many other respiratory problems.

    Following the correction of dysfunctional breathing, people report the following:

    • reduction in asthma symptoms & in the need for reliever medication

    • unblocking of the nose and sinuses

    • restoration of nasal breathing

    • reduction or elimination of snoring and apnoea

    • reduction in mucus production and allergic rhinitis and sinusitis

    • change in tongue position and occlusion

    • stability to orthodontic work

    • decrease in size of tonsils adenoids and polyps

    • increased energy levels

    • enhanced capacity for exercise and improved recovery rate
  • Asthma Treatment

    The Buteyko Institute Breathing Method has been known in Australia since the early 1990s for the management of asthma. The basis of the method is to normalise the breathing pattern. This results in a significant decrease in symptoms, with over 90% of course participants coming off all of their reliever medication within a week of starting the course.

    The Buteyko view is that asthma is not a disease, but rather that it is a collection of symptoms – bronchospasm, mucous production and inflammation of the lining of the airways. All are brought on by breathing above the normal physiological level of 4-5 litres per minute. This overbreathing or hyperventilation causes an imbalance of the gas levels in the lungs and the blood. In particular we breathe out too much carbon dioxide. For normal healthy body functioning, the body needs about 5.5% carbon dioxide in the lungs. If we overbreathe and lower the level of carbon dioxide in the lungs (the air has only 0.03% carbon dioxide) the result will be the onset of symptoms.

  • History of Buteyko

    n the late 1940's, Russian medical student Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko made an observation that has changed the management and lifestyle of thousands of people with asthma, sleep apnoea, snoring and other breathing disorders. Buteyko noticed that the condition of patients in the acute respiratory ward deteriorated when their breathing rate increased. He also noticed that those who reduced or normalised their breathing rate began to recover. This fact had been noted long before, but Buteyko's subsequent research and application of these observations allowed him to develop the breathing techniques that today bear his name.

    For more than thirty years Buteyko researched dysfunctional breathing and hyperventilation and the effect it has on the human body. Buteyko linked hyperventilation to several conditions, including asthma, sleep apnoea and snoring, and set about developing techniques to normalise breathing patterns, reversing symptoms and lessening the need for medication.

    Buteyko's research describes why people hyperventilate, why it continues to self-perpetuate, and finally, how to reverse the cycle. Initially treated with a great deal of scepticism by Soviet authorities, Buteyko was unable in the early years to get his method accepted by the Soviet government.

    Buteyko's persistent research over a number of decades, and the possibility of a great reduction in medication costs for a strained Soviet health budget enabled him to have the method formally accepted as a mainstream management system for breathing disorders in the 1980’s. It is reputed that the technique has been successfully taught to over one million citizens of the states that made up the Soviet Union.

    In 1990 Alexander Stalmatski (who had worked with Professor Buteyko in Russia for over 15 years) introduced the Buteyko Method to Australia – the first time the method had reached the western world. Stalmatski taught a large number of Buteyko courses around Australia, and also trained a limited number of practitioners in the method. This ensured the proliferation of Buteyko around Australia throughout the 1990’s.


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