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I've always felt a bit strange about zoos. It seems to me that a place which just puts animals on display for amusement is a bit of a dodgy place. Back in the early days of animal captivity, this is exactly what they were- mistreated animals on show for paying customers. Now, things are pretty different. They've been changing for a while- zoos have been moving away from caging animals and providing large, open enclosures pretty close to their natural environments. Dubbo's Wester Plains Zoo has been leading the charge for years. Zoos have also started to make efforts to undo some of the damage they have been part of in the past, but setting up breeding and conservation strategies. It all makes sense- zoos would be nothing without animals, so taking care of animals seems like a pretty good idea, if you ask me. Now, Western Plains Zoo, along with QantasLink are taking things to new heights by launching a flying safari.

OK, it's not quite a flying safari. They're calling it a "wildlife aircraft livery". Basically, QantasLink Bombardier Q400 is being converted to carry animals and transport them by air. Strange idea, I know, but the concept is that it allows people travelling between Sydney and Dubbo (the locations of the 2 Taronga Zoos) to experience the animals during their flight. This initiative gives people a chance to really experience the animals that are making such a difference at the zoo. Western Plains Zoo has been committed to educating visitors about animals for years and this new flying zoo idea builds on the possibilities.

So why QantasLink? Western Plains Zoo know that these guys are really important to regional Australia and the two are strongly connected. QantasLink provides quick, regular, reliable flights between Sydney and Dubbo as well as a number of other major urban and regional cities. Their commitment to regional Australia and Western Plains Zoo's committment to animal conservation make them a great team.

Published: Nov 3, 2010 3:24pm by westinplains.

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  • Zoo Friends Pass

    We bought a Zoo Friends pass ane have not looked back – free entry to all Australian zoos for a twelve month period.
    It is so satisfying to know the zoo inside out and have the children comfortable with all the creatures. Recommended.

    Published Nov 3, 2010 8:01pm by huntervalleyhampers

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