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  Bugs Consume Coffs Harbour.

Alan Knight is a deep thinker, something Coffs Harbour can be glad of. It must be the fisherman in him, that is his other job. You get to be observant chasing fish and you have the time to think, to tie observations back to the jetty of reality. Scrubbing down the boat, watching the people come and go on the shore, tourists and locals alike, he thought he could combine the wonderful weather, the incredible scenery and a bit of adrenalin, and make it into a business.

Beach to Bush Buggy Tours evolved, after plenty of work with the RTA, Coffs Harbour City Council and his business partner, wife Jenny. The beach buggy is back, with a vengeance! The business which finally hit the road, the beach and the bush trails only seven weeks ago supports two buggies. But these are no ordinary buggies from the free wheeling sixties and seventies, as Alan explains;

“Safety is paramount so these are full chassis VW’s, not the cut down version, the body is extra thick fiberglass, the running boards are heavy duty, and there are the roll bars”

Alan Knight with the yellow buggy, John Chard with the blue

These buggies can hit the beach or the bush in style. Customers come from a variety of sources; the resorts of Coffs Harbour which despite the economic downturn in Australia have good bookings for the holidays as people stay closer to home, casual tourists, and locals. As Alan explains,

"A lot of people with 4 wheel drives often never use them for off road stuff and a lot of locals have seen our brochure and say they have never seen those places!”

An unexpected source of people is children from Respite Care. Alan again,

” We can move the seats around to fit them in, we can lower them in easily, the carer can sit behind them.”

John Chard is Alan’s driver and is just as enthusiastic,

“They have never done this sort of thing, haven’t had the opportunity and to see their faces and the smiles, it is amazing and makes it all worthwhile”

Alan has had a few successful businesses over the years, all emanating from a brain that just ticks away, thinking of new ways to do things and new ideas. Coffs Harbour needs people like Alan and Jenny that are prepared to try something new, have the determination to get it through the RTA and local council and still have a big smile to bring those customers in. This new business adds to the list of things to do in Coffs harbour.The Bugs will eat Coffs Harbour that is for sure.

Alan with the blue and John with the yellow buggies, showing off there lines.

Published: Sep 16, 2008 3:11pm by shaun.

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