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The moment the brass bell on the door chimes as you open the door, you know you have entered a special world. The vibrant colours, the well stocked shelves, the luscious smell and at the counter, a warm welcoming smile. Welcome to Sonya Buck’s world, the Dorrigo Sweet Shop

If you are lucky enough to remember the corner store where you went as a child to inadvertently annoy the shop keeper, the territory will be familiar.

“I’ll have one of those and two of those. No wait, one of those and three of those. How much are the stripy ones?”

That is a time Sonya wants to share with those that have the memory, and give it to the young ones that are only used to bags of lollies from the Supermarket. It seems to be working.

“When I started, I thought 80% of my business would be from tourists but it is more like 40%, the rest is locals,” says Sonya.

After seventeen years sweating it out in the corporate jungle in Sydney, Sonya swapped her job as marketing manager for a huge food producer, for a quieter life in Dorrigo, where she could indulge her dreams. The Dorrigo Sweet Shop will have been open three years in June 2009.

It is not just the nostalgia that has made the Dorrigo Sweet shop a must to visit. There is a huge array of traditional and modern lollies, homemade chocolates, honeycomb, scrumptious fudge, mainly locally sourced but a few select imports from England and Europe. There is gift wrapping and great gift ideas like putting a selection into beautiful boxes or jars. Plus, cheery service of the old fashioned kind.

Dorrigo is on the Dorrigo plateau, the top of the Great Dividing Range as it hits Coffs Harbour. The drive from Coffs Harbour is in itself a great journey through Bellingen and up through the rainforest along Waterfall Way. If the rains are on you will experience the name first hand. The road continues past Dorrigo to Armidale and Tamworth. From Coffs it is a very leisurely day trip.

 If you can’t get there and you do have a lolly fetish, you can order online too. But you would be missing something of the experience and you would not directly meet a town character known to many now as “The Lolly Lady.”

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Published: Mar 19, 2009 4:46pm by shaun.

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