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Rhythm of Light

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Sharing the knowledge and skills to empower you and bring you into harmony with your Soul Rhythm

For alternative medicine and natural therapies in Coffs Harbour call Rhythm of Light Therapies. Rhythm of Light Coffs Harbour specialises in natural therapies this includes aura photography and readings, mater crystal light, healing practitioner and teacher, essence of angels practitioner, meditation workshops in Coffs Harbour. Also aura awareness workshops aura parties meditation and spiritual development.

Emma Stachiw is an accredited Master Crystal Light HealingTM Teacher and Practitioner and Essence of Angels Practitioner through the Universal Life Tools Metaphysical School of Healing. Emma has 6 years experience in Aura Photography.
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    Rhythm of Light

    Rhythm of light is guided by an absolute passion and love for Creation.

    We are in a beautiful time on Earth when the gates into the teachings and wisdom from Ancient Cultures are opening and assisting humanity to look deeply within.

    We are reconnecting to a forgotten Inner Wisdom that offers us Love, Peace, and freedom in a new world.

    Rhythm of Light offers a range of Metaphysical Healing techniques that are incredibly effective and non invasive providing a holisitc healing system. It complements orthodox and alternative treatment and can be used to treat both acute, chronic and terminal illness.

    Metaphysical Healing is also effective as a preventative measure in maintaining your vitality and wellbeing.

    Dis-ease can start initially within a person's energy field before it manifests itself in the physical body. I work with the subtle bodies and energy centres (chakras) to facilitate clearing and balancing. Releasing any blocks or indiscrepancies within each area aids in the creation of a balanced system physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. This type of treatment gives you the opportunity to move through a disease with out having to experience total physicality of the symptoms.

    If your dis-ease is already locked into the physical, metaphysical healing will help speed up the healing process and enable you to cope better with the stress of your illness.

    Description of healing modalities are as follows:

    Crystal Light HealingTM accesses the vibrational frequency of crystals through colour, sound, light and sacred geometry. These frequencies are resonated through our subtle bodies, chakras and higher vibrational points to stimulate healing and release dis-ease. The role of a CLH Practitioner is to use the vibratory frequencies of crystals to re-establish homeostatis in the energy field to aid physical healing and to support you in holding a higher level of vibration.

    Crystal Light HealingTM Workshops

    Crystal Light HealingTM offers workshops that are designed for all levels of experience up to practitioner level and is a deeply transformative experience of personal growth and spiritual connection. Please stay tuned for dates of levels I, II, III and level descriptions.

    Essence of AngelsR alchemically blends the vibrational frequencies of the 12 Arch Angels with sacred geometry, sound, colour, ancient symbols, crystalline vibrations and planetary energies.

    The vibration of each Essence works with all the energy systems of the body and primarily on our DNA. Each Essence works in harmony with the chakras in attuning, anchoring and raising the vibrational frequency to support cell renewal and reprogramming old beliefs.

    Aura Photography

    An Aura is an energy field that radiates through and around everything. It is an extension of you. Aura photos vividly reveal your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. The energy flowing through your aura reflects your beliefs, personality, lifestyle, thought and emotions. In the course of your lives you are building your aura through thoughts, desires, actions and reactions.

    Aura Awareness Workshops

    These beautiful, intimate workshops are designed to awaken you to the beauty of the AURIC FIELD. Our Aura, or Human Energy Field, is the sum of our beliefs on all levels and gives an insight into how we perceive and interpret our reality and how we cope with life’s experiences.

    We explore the seven sublte bodies that make up our AURA and learn about the chakras and how we can work with the chakras to clear, balance and restore homeostatis within the subtle bodies.

    You will recieve your own Aura Photograph with detailed interpretation and be given tools you can use and incorporate into your daily life to moniter your health; bringing your physical/emotional, mental/spiritual bodies into greater balance and harmony.

    Aura Parties

    Gather some of your friends together and experience a fun and magical Aura Party. Each participant receives their own Aura Photo and a crystal friend that will continue to strengthen your Aura when you go home. A great idea for birthdays or to get to know your friends on a more intimate level.

    Soul Rhythm Programs

    The programs are designed to support your journey in bringing your Physical Body, Emotions/Attitudes and your Divine Purpose into greater balance and harmony. The program includes:

    Aura Photo & Comprehensive Reading

    Essence of Angels Consultation & Essence Remedy

    Crystal Light Healing Session

    Health & Spiritual Development Techniques


    Based on individual needs the program is designed to run over 2-4 weeks comprising of 4 visits-Each 1 hour long.


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