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Probably dating a Japanese girl is something you could imagine only in your fantasies. But it’s very real and can be done if to know little secrets we are going to share with you. Read and succeed!

The first thing that surprises in Japan is all people’s unique politeness. Women bow and apologize a lot and they expect the same from men. Words or behavior are never rude although women here can be a bit short-tempered and speak louder than usually when they get emotional.

Although Japanese culture is the most many-sided and interesting, Japanese women are often fixed on their job and can talk about it for hours. So you need to be a good listener. She will be thankful for that and it will bring closer the two of you.

In fact, the best thing you can do to get acquainted with a Japanese girl, is buying her drink and showing the readiness to listen to her. That’s enough for starting your courtship and being successful in it.

Japanese people are addicted to electronics and virtual reality, more than other nationalities. So once a girl gave you her phone number, she is expecting to be showered by text messages and emoji by all possible messengers and social networks. If you send just a little hello once a day, she may be thirsty for more virtual communication and find it with someone else.

It is happening because Japanese girls are very talkative by nature but they are usually very busy at work and so are their chosen ones. So chatting and messaging is the only way for them to keep in touch with their dear people.

After a first date, continue your courtship in imaginative manner. As they are fond of various gadgets, you can pleasantly surprise a girl with some little innovative gadget such as unusual USB flash drive or a flashlight. The glowing mug or a digital photo frame are also good ideas. She will be happy like a kid! 

Talking about kids, Japanese girls like pretending to be younger than they are. Japanese men like that very much and women simply got used to play this game. Sometimes they reach amazing heights in their make-up mastery so try to see her naked face at least once before you get intimate, otherwise you may feel fooled. Invite her to the swimming pool or use any other trick to see her real face. Don’t be pessimistic though as they are often naturally cute.

Not only she is sacrificing her time to stay super attractive for a man, but she is also submissive and values his pleasure over anything else. It’s her number one priority to satisfy him as a lover.

Japanese girls will consider you cool enough if you’re working hard just like they do, and can sing with them in karaoke bar. They are funny and cheerful so they appreciate a good companion. When she cooks for you, compliment her food – it’s not so hard to do as they are making healthy and delicious meals. Bingo: she has a very high opinion about you!

However, to continue with you and to do her best for you, she needs to see you’re not just her buddy but someone really solid and respectful. Bit by bit, she will be checking for your social status and financial situation. She can also be checking your phone to find out if there are other girls. She thinks she’s right in all these actions as Japanese girls are family oriented and care to prepare a reliable basis for future kids. If you have other intentions, better don’t wait till the moment when she starts checking you as a potential fiancé. Try to finish your fling sooner.

Japanese girls are usually interested in foreigners and they especially appreciate hearing a few sentences on their own language. They will consider it very charming and you’ll have an advantage in comparison with other foreign admirers!

An experience of dating a Japanese girl, even for a few days or weeks, is very positive and leaves pleasant memories. Don’t lose this opportunity and take a chance with a cute and youthful Japanese beauty who is going todo her best for you.

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