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The new Concourse is brilliant.  It's added life to Chastwood.  I often walk up in the evening for a quick meal and the place is buzzing with people.  Lots of families are out and there is a great variety of places to eat.  It's transfored the city.  


However the venue needs more events.  I've been to Richard Clapton there and we are going to 10CC but that's over the space of 6 months.  A friend of ours ran CarrigeWorks and they built a Facebook following and ran 10 events a week.  They also outsourced the catering to a bunch of unemployed locals and helped them set up a business.  The food is good.  They ran kind of event and eventully had a following of people who would trun up to anything because it was interesting and fun.  It helped bring life to the venue and that's what the concourse needs.

Please bring it to life.  We need a venue like this in our city.

Published: Feb 25, 2012 1:15pm by simonvw.

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