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Tiffany Smith Psychic Clairvoyant

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Psychic Central Coast- Clairvoyant Healing Central Coast

Psychic Central Coast- Clairvoyant Healing Central Coast

For psychic assistance in Central Coast contact Tiffany Smith Psychic Clairvoyant Central Coast. Clairvoyant Healing, Naturopathy, Touch for Health, I am available for consultations by telephone or by long distance remote healing.

The term ‘Clairvoyant Healing’ covers the wide range of techniques that you can experience and benefit from in a reading with Tiffany Smith.

In one session it is possible to review and release unhelpful patterns from a Past Life, connect with some of your Angels and Spirit Guides to hear what specific information they may have for you, and receive a chakra balance and tune up of your channel.

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    Telephone Readings

    This type of reading is an opportunity for you to speak with Tiffany Smith in person in order to ask questions and receive channelled guidance on any topic from Tiffany Smith and the variety of Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters that she has channelled and worked with for 12 years. It is also possible for one of your own Angels or Spirit Guides to make contact during the reading to help you with answers to your questions.

    All the forms of healing and energy work that take place in a face to face reading can occur during a phone reading. Such as reviewing and releasing a Past Life, chakra balancing and clearing of your channel and energy field, transforming of negative personality aspects and so on. Energy healing and balancing is not inhibited by distance and will take place while you listen over the phone.

    As with all of your sessions with Tiffany Smith, she will clearly describe for you everything that is told and shown to her, so that you have a full understanding of what you are working through and how it will benefit you. Guidance on all the key areas of personal concern such as career, relationship, finances, health and so on, are available through these live readings.

    Within Australia Tiffany Smith will call you at no extra charge on your landline, but if you wish to speak on a mobile phone then you must call Tiffany Smith for the reading.

    For those of you outside Australia an extra charge of $5AUS is applicable for calls to landlines only. For mobiles, you will be required to make the phone call to Tiffany Smith.

    A 45 minute Telephone Reading with Tiffany Smith is $100AUS including GST, a 60 minute reading is $130AUS including GST. Recordings of Phone Readings are optional and are posted to you at an extra charge of $5AUS within Australia and $10AUS outside of Australia.

    The average lead time for a telephone reading with Tiffany Smith is 2 to 3 weeks. Once you have emailed us your information and photograph Tiffany Smith will contact you with her first available appointment times and the options you can use for payment.

    Information required -

    Your name

    Date of Birth


    Telephone number

    Your preferred times for your reading

    Would you like a 45 or 60 minute reading?

    Brief description of your reason for requesting a reading – any questions you may have.

    Please attach a recent photo of yourself – less than one year old, no hats or sunglasses please

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    Touch For Health

    Touch For Health uses muscle monitoring or testing, combined with Chinese medicine, to diagnose and correct energy imbalances within the body. It may use acupressure, touch or massage. These are applied to the appropriate meridian points (energy points) within the body to improve the patient’s health and wellbeing.Using this muscle monitoring or testing, simple and gentle techniques are applied to the body’s energy systems (or acupuncture meridian points) in order to create complete balance and harmony.

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    Naturopathy is a holistic method of healing which recognises the ability of the body to overcome ailments – the healing power of nature.

    Treatments aim to support and aid the body to heal itself with the use of herbal medicine, homoeopathy, and nutritional and lifestyle advice.

    Naturopathy covers a variety of modalities and helps treat a broad spectrum of ailments including:

    • respiratory conditions

    • skin conditions

    • anxiety and depression

    • colds and flu

    • infections

    • gastrointestinal and digestive disturbances

    • hormonal abnormalities such as

    • menopausal symptoms

    • allergies

    Recovery time varies greatly depending on the individual and their condition. Acute symptoms such as skin conditions, colds or flu, can respond to treatment within days. Chronic complaints require more time for recovery due to their complexity. Chronic conditions ultimately respond very successfully to naturopathic treatment.

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    Chakras of the Body

    There are seven main chakra points situated around the body, each situated on an energy path. Therefore, each Chakra is responsible for certain aspects of the body and certain moods and characteristics too.

    Releasing Chakra energy helps to deal with specific issues that you may be experiencing – a holistic therapy that can help with a variety of physical and emotional issues, working on the entire body and strengthening the connection to the entire universe.

    Tiffany uses the healing power of crystals in her Chakra balancing. Call today to book your appointment and be enlightened by the power of Chakra treatment!

Tiffany Smith Psychic Cairvoyant

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