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Yes, that’s right... Spring is just around the corner! Can you believe it? Very soon it will be time to shed some layers (like the scarf, gloves and jumpers for some of you) and the same may be done with your skin. Our recommendation - Exfoliate and Moisturise to gain that clear, healthy, glowing look. Well, that and lets not forget the vital ingredient in your diet.... lots of water! (my personal favourite is adding a wedge of fresh organic lemon). Kama Saucha - a powerhouse scrub, is gentle, effective and PACKED full of goodness. Fruit extracts deliver beneficial vitamins to revitalise and refine your complexion providing a smoother skin tone while the inclusion of Rosella flowers (abundant in antioxidants) diminish the appearance of wrinkles and revive tired skin. PLUS Organic Shea butter to further moisturise.... well seriously you can’t go wrong! Ground Walnut shells are the ideal natural ingredient to exfoliate, firm, refine & remove impurities and dead skin, leaving a fresher, younger appearance. Whoa, one might take a breath after all that! It must be added that Saucha is also beneficial to dry hands. Okay, now the dead skin and impurities have been removed, lets moisturise. Kama Chandra is rich with only a pea size amount required (particularly after the scrub offers moisturising elements) and our lighter alternative is Kama Maha. Both beautiful and beneficial moisturisers in their own right. Chandra draws on the benefits of Patchouli and Grapefruit with Grapeseed, Rosehip & Organic Shea to deeply nourish and treat your skin. Maha is formulated with Ylang Ylang, & Frankincense combined with Coconut, Cucumber & Lavender to balance & revitalise. Kama Saucha - 100mls $22.95 Kama Maha/Chandra – 100mls $22.95

Published: Aug 11, 2011 12:42pm by organickama.

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  • Alex

    Skin problems at work are very common. When we are at our office the skin we have is exposed to numerous substances which can host quite a few of pores and skin diseases Article. Most workplaces are prone to skin related problem while there are certain high risk work like catering, health services.

    Published Feb 19, 2018 5:51pm by haroldmiller

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