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Animal Emergency Center Canberra

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Unit 15, 2 Yallourn Street

Fyshwick, ACT 2609

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Mon - Fri 6.30pm - 8am
Sat 12 noon - Monday 8am.
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  • Worst Experience!

    • Currently 1/5 Stars.
    1.0/5 Stars

    Hi my name is Dimity i am 15 years of age and on the 12th August 2010 i brought my dog in that was having trouble giving birth to her puppies, only later to be told she would have to have a c-section to save her and the puppies. A $2,000 operation that had to be paid upfront, though i did not have the money at the time i have a part time job that could of paid off the bill. Sitting in the room for over 3 hours the vet came in and told us that if we did not have the money we had to pay $115 to have her put down.

    My dad offered to pay off the bill and my mum had rung 5 differerent places that had said we could pay of the bill from the c-section. Before they could put her down we had to pay the $115 first. Other than that the 2 people on that night refused to let us take her to any other vet.

    Due to this my dog was put down at 2am on Friday 13th August 2010.

    It was the worst experience of my life and i will NEVER EVER go to this vet again if i have another animal that is sick or having trouble!

    Thankyou Dimity

    Reviewed: Sep 3, 2010 9:41am by dim

  • incompetence

    • Currently 1/5 Stars.
    1.0/5 Stars

    Thank you Dimity,
    I avoid these guys at every opportunity, but 3 times recently I have had to decide that any vet is better than no vet. I regretted it each time. Not only did they treat me like an incompetent idiot when I have been caring for seriously ill and injured animals for over 20 years, many times in regions where a vet is well over an hours drive away.
    Our recent case that absolutely disgusted me, was a little ferret who had a gut blockage and had blown up like a balloon. She was in serious trouble. I had done enimma’s and oral parrafin and she was getting bigger.
    The cause of this was that the breeder had recently changed her from all fresh meat to that horrible science diet kitten kibble for breakfast with fresh meat only at night.
    So here is the story. The ferret had science diet kibble for breakfast. An hour later was put in a carry cage without water for 2 hours, and got dehydrated which caused the kibble to form a sticky cork type thing. This stopped her digestive system working.

    End result the ferret passed the lump on the way out to the vet but I wanted her checked anyway.

    I was told to feed her science diet, because she obviously had an intollerance to fresh meat. Then was rudely informed when I told her there was no way i would feed it, that it was TEN O’CLOCK at night and the attending WAS a VET, she was giving a VETS opinion!!
    Prior to that I took a cat who was extremely emaciated with an imbedded collar, who stank and was in serious trouble only to get a vet who couldn’t handle the smell, or come to terms with cleaning the wounds. All the medication and hydration fluids I was given were oral. This cats stomach was the size of a teaspoon, there was no way she could absorb anything orally. Thankfully my own vet the next day had a totally different approach.
    My mums dog went one night as we thought he had a gut obstruction. The x-ray they took showed a massive oesophageal ulcer which the emergency vet diagnosed as a weakness.
    Thankfully we decided to ask our own vet prior to administering the medication we were given that night as it would have killed him in a few days with an ulcer that severe.

    Reviewed: Mar 31, 2011 9:19pm by furrkid

  • Very happy

    • Currently 4/5 Stars.
    4.0/5 Stars

    I recently need to take my dog to the as he had a severe bout of diarrhea & was becoming very lethargic. The people at the centre were very friendly and empathetic. My dog ended up staying the night and is usually wary of strangers but was quite comfortable to go with them. I was able to take him home in the morning as the iv seemed to have done the trick. I felt the service they provided was very good and would have no hesitation going to them again.

    Reviewed: Jul 22, 2011 10:04am by bigsoftie

  • horrible

    • Currently 1/5 Stars.
    1.0/5 Stars

    Recently i had to take my dog here because it was early sat morning and my vet was not open yet. I woke up to him not being able to walk properly and falling over. The vets there had no idea what was wrong and suggested giving him an ijection for a tick even though they thought that was not what was causing it. After telling them no and calling my vet to ask there opinion they said dont get the injection and to come and see them. After going to get my dog to take him the vets were angry that i was taking him and gave us a lecture on how rude we were to take him to my vets without them doing more tests (which cost about 4x as much as a any other vet would charge) Two vets at my clinic both said it was not a tick and thought it could be a few things and refered me to a surgen who could do the tests need.
    I had to take him home because my vet was not open on sunday but was told to take him back to fyshwick if he got worse. That night he could not even stand affraid that i was about to lose my best friend i took him back to fyshwick. When i got there the lovley receptonist (the only nice person i met there) went to get a stretcher to help carry him in. She went out the back to ask the vet nurse to help and the nurse said "is that the german shepard? Why the hell is she bring him back here, he is just a hassle and what does she expect us to do for it. (dont think she knew i over herd that) feeling sick and not knowing what to do i let them take him in the vet nurse still being rude to me into the waiting room. When the vet came she had read his file that my vet had sent across said “so i guess your vet is not open today”. I was in tears not knowing what to do and to scared to say anything to them because i was affraid they would treat my dog worse if i did, i had no choice but to leave him. I had tried calling other vets to see if they were open but no one was.
    As soon as i could get him mon morning i took him to the specilist in gunghalin who were the most lovley caring people and found out that he had had a stroke. He is now recovering and am forever greatful to sarah webb and her vets.
    I will never ever take my animals anywhere near fyshwick again. They do not have love for animals as they should if they are a vet and are cruel. My pets are everything to me and am happy to pay whatever it takes to make them better, but paying $1400 for the vets to do a few blood tests and watch him is not good. and they have no right to be so rude because i took my dog for a second opinon because they had no idea what was wrong with them. That weekend was the hardest of my life and was only made worse by the people that work there.

    Reviewed: May 22, 2012 10:10am by rainy

  • Never had a problem

    • Currently 3/5 Stars.
    3.0/5 Stars

    My wife and I have used this vet for our two dogs and cat on several occasions when the situation required it and we have never had a problem and have been treated with courtesy and respect on each visit. Tonight I called them late into the night (and I live 120km away now) for advice on medication issues for one of our dogs and they were polite; helpful and reassuring, providing me with accurate advice. Never had a problem with their service!!

    Reviewed: Jul 5, 2012 10:29pm by nigelb


    • Currently 1/5 Stars.
    1.0/5 Stars

    I have never had such a bad experience with a vet. I would encourage all pet owners to AVOID this place. They are completely unprofessional, greedy and money-grubbing. My daughter’s boyfriend had a cat with a sore leg. AEC charged $700 for an xray. They did not have the money, so rang me. I gave them permission to use my credit card. My daughter checked with AEC asking whether it was okay that she sign and use my credit card number. AEC said that was perfectly acceptable. AEC’s bank then rejected the transaction. AEC put the matter into the hands of a debt collection agency without ONCE phoning me or my daughter, even though they had both our phone numbers. My daughter and I did not even know that the transaction had not gone through. The debt collection agency made one phone call and got in touch with my young teenage daughter, who was so distraught and upset. AEC now will not refund the nearly $200 fees of the debt collection agency, even though we did absolutely nothing wrong.

    Reviewed: May 25, 2013 11:12am by waterlily

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