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Dear Sir or Madam, I have one problem,maybe you can help me.I am a citizen of foreign country,but I have a goal to migrate to Cairns,besause I like this town very much.I was there like a tourist many times.To seek my goal I must find an employer,that can help me to get visa.I am a spray painter,curently i  work in automotive industry.I found many employers(by internet),who are seeking spray painters to permanent positions,i will be very glad if one of them will give me a job offer.I am a very good spray painter with almoust 15 years of experience in that job.I can come to Cairns at any time and meet an emloyer,who needs  spray painter.They are not providing an e-mail in their advertisement,only ph.,so i can not contact them.Maybe you can  contact them by phone and ask about such a matter.Thank you for your time. Respectfuly yours, Almantas Juras E-mail PH.+37069810342

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