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I’ve just taken part in the Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Our Tomorrow community-plan survey. Yes, I was swayed by the chance to win $500, but it gave me good reason to ponder the future – both mine and my region’s.

So what kind of a life do I envisage leading in Redcliffe in 2021? For a start, I’ll be in my forties (Oh. My. God.). I’ll probably have a couple of kids in primary school, be working at least part-time, hopefully locally. I intend to be fit and active, so I’d like to ride a bike to work and the shops. Or even out at night because I know it’s safe to do so. I want to be able to send my kids out to play without worrying about idiot drivers or dangerous people. And when they become teenagers (shudder), I’d like to know they have somewhere fun and safe to hang out.

I hope my kids will be proud of where they live and that Redcliffe is known as a seaside oasis, a place to escape the heat of the city and enjoy some sea breezes. A place that shouts “quality lifestyle” to time-poor city dwellers.

To attract these desperate souls, I believe we need more quality cafes, restaurants and boutiques along Redcliffe Parade. Nothing says “bogansville” quite like a discount pharmacy with a million-dollar view… There’s a lot of work going into Sutton Street, the so-called CBD of Redcliffe, but most visitors head straight for the seafront and first impressions count.

Another opinion I have – and one I was only too happy to share via the survey – is that the weekly Redcliffe Jetty Markets should be one of the region’s biggest drawing cards. Look at the Eumundi markets, which saved a tiny town from disappearing off the map all together. Our markets should similarly be expanded and improved upon to boost weekend trade and remind tourists that we exist.

Redcliffe is no stranger to festivals – we already have Kite Fest, Festival of Sails and the Settlement Festival – but I’d love to see even more events held on our stunning foreshores. An annual food and wine event would be great, and something with an artistic bent (why not rip off Sydney’s Sculpture by the Sea?). It would be great to replace the current attitude that “Redcliffe equals deadcliffe ” with “there’s always something fun happening at Redcliffe”.

I’d also like for Redcliffe to be known as a forward-thinking environmentally aware kind of a place. We live next to a marine park after all. How about we start to treat the ground beneath our feet as a precious resource as well? Perhaps we could be Australia’s first region to try living off wind- and sun-generated energy? Ok, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself a bit – the survey looks only 10 years into the future – but a girl can dream.

I suppose the main message that I wanted to get across to the region’s planners is that we, like many others just like us, moved here because we wanted to live our lives a certain way. Redcliffe is already fulfilling many of our dreams, but there’s always more room for improvement.

There are already many wonderful things happening around us to shake up this town and put it back on the map. As a resident and small-business owner, I’m excited about the changes and the attitude being shown by the change-makers. If you want to contribute to the reshaping of Redcliffe, visit this website and click on the Our Tomorrow icon. Go on, dare to dream.

Published: Feb 21, 2011 5:17pm by johegerty.

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