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This feels a bit weird. Lehman's, a store in northeastern Ohio in America's midwest, is a store that caters to the Amish community. It now runs a blog, Lehman's Country Life, which talks about living simply. As they say on their blog, "From his Amish customers, Jay Lehman learned that non-electric products often give us the ability to complete a task faster and more efficiently than commonly accepted modern methods.... The company supplies missionaries, survivalists, environmentalists, owners of second homes in remote areas, campers and the chronically nostalgic with practical, old-fashioned products.... In a twist of irony, the company’s key customers (the Amish) are now a key vendor. Who else could you find to create custom wrought iron pieces, hand weave baskets and carve children’s toys?"

It's full of information and commentary that is relevant to a rural Australian audience. It's worth a look:

Published: Aug 12, 2008 5:25pm by hunterdundee.

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