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The whole approach to writing process has changed a lot over years. These days you have to write more, research more, and make your content not only good and useful but also original. Moreover, you have to compete with many other content writers and do your best to stand out among them.




While this indeed might seem more complex than before, these days you also have so many tools to simplify your life. There are tools to aid with literally any stage of the writing process, also helping to increase your productivity and make you more organized as well.


Here are ten of them.


1. Google Docs.


You can write directly in WordPress or use any of the available text editors, of course. But if you need to access your documents from various devices without having to carry a flash drive with you all the time, you should use Google Docs.


Google Docs is an online service synchronized with your Gmail account. It allows creating, editing, and storing various documents online as well as make them accessible offline. It also allows sharing your documents with anyone you need.


2. Editorial Calendar.


It’s a WordPress plugin that allows you to make your writing work more organized. Unlike any other calendar, this one is focused on writing activities only, ensuring that your post date won’t get lost among doctor’s appointments and other things that are indeed important yet personal.


This plugin also gives you a clear overview of your next publication dates and blog topics, making it easier to see and adjust your content strategy.


3. Grammarly.


There are plenty of proofreading tools online and Grammarly is one of the best among them. Sure, it won’t give you a Chicago/Turabian style example, but it would check not only punctuation mistakes but your grammar and style as well.


It also has plugins for most of the browsers as well as text editor plugin, allowing you to proofread right in the writing process.


4. Yoast SEO.


Crafting great content is only half of the job done - you also need to ensure that people actually going to read it. Yoast SEO plugin can help you with the second part.


Its main function is optimization: it helps you improve all the SEO aspects to increase your website’s ranking and boost visits. It also ensures that you use focus keywords in your posts and articles.


5. Pomodoro timer.


The key to good and productive work is the ability to focus on the task only, without distracting yourself with other things. Usually, it’s easier to say than do but with the help of Pomodoro timer you can change that.


This timer is an online tool as well as a mobile app. It allows you to focus on one task for 25 minutes straight, then take a 5-minute break and continue your work.

6. Good Writer Checkify.


Checklists are one of the best ways to organize your work, ensure that you don’t forget anything, and produce the best content possible. If you do use them or intend to use them, check out this plugin.


It allows you create lists for yourself or for your readers and share them. Mind that any lists have ten slots maximum, so you should make a choice wisely. 


Published: Oct 13, 2017 2:15am by sophiaclark.

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