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Sinorock is a world's leading rock bolt supplier, which is specialized in the development, production and sales of products in the geotechnical anchorage areas. Since its establishment, Sinorock continues to accumulate technical force, seize opportunities, and give full play to their strengths to achieve the same industry-leading level.

Sinorock self-drilling hollow anchor bar has the advantages that ordinary bolt does not have.In gravel layer, sand and gravel soil pore-forming, using the self drilling anchor bar could save casing, at the same time of pore forming injection slurry consolidation of hole wall, preventing slumping hole, simplified the construction procedures, saved the cost, shorten the time limit for a project, has good economic and social benefits.

Since self-drilling hollow anchor bar construction is strong technical work, each working procedure must be meticulous operation, otherwise it will effect the whole piece of anchor rod construction quality because of a process of negligence .Therefore, the operator must be higher technical quality, a clear division of responsibilities.

Published: Jul 6, 2015 4:35pm by sinorockanchorbolt.




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