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Not too many Prime Ministers can lay claim to having their home, a national monument. Two come to mind. One is Chartwell, Kent, in England, the home belonging to Sir Winston and Lady (Clementine) Churchill. 
 The other, an unpretentious, pretty cottage at 10 Busby Street in South Bathurst.

There is an old saying – "A House Is Not A Home", I'm going to dispute that, especially in regards to the house at No 10 Busby Street.

Our Number 10 of course is the home belonging to Ben Chifley, Australia's 16th Prime Minister. Mr Chifley, a committed centralist and an outspoken critic of social injustice, held the reins of office from 1945, following the passing of overworked John Curtin.

Ben Chifley loved his home, a quiet retreat from the hurly-burley of Canberra politicking. Here, he and  his wife, Elizabeth, could enjoy the peace of a lovely country town where he was simply 'Ben' or 'Chif'. He never ever forgot his hometown roots and Bathurst was always home.

Today, Ben Chifley's home, preserved by Bathurst Regional Council is a memorial to this great PM who rose from humble beginnings and was catapulted into the 'top job' at a time when Australia was recovering from WW2. His lot was to oversee Australia's post-war construction

The Home reflects the domestic side of this 'Man-Of-The-People', a genuine Aussie Battler with a giant will to succeed.

This energetic, dynamic man embarked on an ambitious program which gave us:

• Increased post-war immigration, making Australia a vast melting pot, evident today with our multi-cultural citizens.

• Improved social welfare – such as social security for the unemployed.

• Australian citizenship – for a while we were still classed as British subjects.

• Establishment of internal airline, TAA.

• Promotion of industrial and scientific development which included the Snowy River Scheme and the famous Aussie Holden motor car.


Of course, being in the 'top job' meant that the long knives would be out and despite Mr Chifley's many accomplishments and future programs, he was not given the privilege of continuing as PM, losing out to Mr Menzies' Liberals in 1949. His idea to nationalize the banks met with extremely stiff opposition and he was castigated by the press. The High Court deemed Mr Chifley's legislation unconstitutional. 

Ben Chifley's Home, contains the original furnishings and the many personal effects of the Chifleys as well as precious memorabilia of the Chifley era.

Visitors can be assured of a warm welcome from Curator, Sam Malloy and his team of able volunteers.

The Chifley Home: 10 Busby Street is open Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays from 10am – 2pm. Group bookings are catered for and to find out more, contact the Bathurst Visitors Information Centre – 1800 68 1000

Published: Oct 8, 2008 4:22pm by al1801.

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  • Leaders with vision

    If only we had politicians today who had the courage and vision of Chifley. I am sure we would not be in the mess we are in.
    What would Chifley had done to fix our water problem? especially in South Australia.
    I am sure he would have had a solution, and he would not have let the knockers put him off.
    He would turn in his grave if he could see the state of Australia’s manufacturing, the increased taxes heaped on Australians especially the producers of our food. Yes I am sure he would not have fitted in with the new world governments plans. If only we had leaders like him today.

    Published Dec 29, 2009 9:29am by bulldog

  • طراح سایت

    تالار پذیرایی در تهران تالار مجموعه باغ تالارهای عروسی در تهران

    Published 3 months ago by kma

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