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Oh yes, there's plenty of difference between pool fencing and garden fencing; read on.

Here are the differences between a pool fence and a garden fence:

The Pool Fence

1. Traditionally a poolside fence was made from wood or metal.
2. The idea of a poolside fence was usually to provide privacy.
3. Poolside fences also bring in an element of safety as it prevents pets and kids from blindly running into the pool area.
4. These days a poolside fence might be made from a variety of material including wood, faux wood, plastic and even metal.
5. These days aluminium posts with frosted glass in between are quite common as they are maintenance free, easy to clean and look elegant. The frosted glass can even be monogrammed.
6. Unlike a garden fence, the poolside side is relatively easy to install especially if it is made from aluminium and glass.
7. Companies such as can set up a poolside fence in less than a day.
8. These days a poolside fence might have decorative elements build into the posts e.g. fancy lighting.
9. Modern aluminium poolside fence can be installed in various colours to match background or the property.
10. A Pool Fencing Central Coast is usually designed to not only be functional but to also add ascetic value to the pool itself.

The Garden Fence

1. Traditionally, a garden fencing was made from wood or bamboo.
2. They generally tended to have creeper plants growing on it.
3. A garden fence may be left bare or painted or have a creeper using it for support.
4. The idea of a garden fence is not just to demarcate but to do so in a way that compliments the garden itself.
5. Usually does not prevent view of the garden it seeks to protect.
6. These days garden fence might be made from faux wood or a number of light weight fencing material including aluminium.
7. A garden fence might have wooden support and wire mesh in between. Though these days instead of wire mesh, contractors tend to use a plastic or PVC mesh.
8. A modern day Cheap Glass Fences might combine a number of materials including faux wood, plastic, metal and aluminium.
9. A garden fence might have decorative elements such as hanging flower pots or local art. In fact, there is no limit to the individuality of a garden fence.
10. In general, a garden fence is meant to look nice, functional and add ascetic value to garden without of course, taking away anything from the beauty of the garden itself.

Published: Feb 12, 2016 9:23pm by trimlite.

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