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The Pearson Test of English Academic has gained popularity in the field of language proficiency testing. The complexity and challenge in these tests have enhanced over the years and it’ impossible for one to ace the exams without adequate preparation. Preparation can make a big difference when planning on taking a PTE academic test Melbourne. Here are a few tips to help you in the preparation process.

What Should Your Focus Be When Preparing for PTE Speaking Exam?

PTE academic speaking exams can be challenging not because of their difficulty but because of the rigorous instructions that must be followed to the later. When preparing for the exams, you should mainly focus on two aspects. The first one is how to maintain the time limit. Time will determine the number of questions you will be able to answer. To be able to practice on time, use PTE practice tests that are online and that will charge you only a few dollars. The second aspect that you should focus on is getting conversant with the format. Understanding the format of the exams will make it possible for you to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Specific Areas of Focus


The PTE academic speaking test will assess for your speaking skills. In addition to your proficiency, you should also practice your speaking pitch, pace and tonal variations. Concentrate on improving your accent so that you’re eloquent which will boost your scores. Also, when answering the questions, have a forward focus. Don’t correct past mistakes as these will only consume your time and energy.

Understand the microphone

During the speaking exam for PTE academic test Melbourne, the microphone is set to automatically turn off when it doesn’t hear you speak for three seconds plus. A trick that works to keep it on is to use fillers or connective words like “umm”. Make sure that you don’t overuse these though. Also try to answer short questions swiftly and clearly.

Have maximum concentration when taking the listening test

Most students fail at the listening test because they try to predict what is being said. Simply concentrate on listening and take in as much information as possible since the tape will only be played once. Do not take the PTE academic listening tests for granted because these are also taken into consideration when determining the overall score.

Get enough study material

To gain in-depth knowledge and proficiency in the Pearson exams, you should have a look at some of the PTE test publications by Pearson Publishers. If you can, purchase the books to get fully equipped with the content and also to boost your confidence. Most centers preparing students for PTE academic test Melbourne will also have these materials.

Get motivation from Ex-Students

Speaking with some people who have taken PTE academic test Melbourne will set you in the right mood and help you to have realistic expectations for the speaking tests. It will also boost your confidence as past students can give you more tips and tricks.

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