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Motorists in New South Wales have been reminded that the ‘No Standing’ rule no longer exists in the State.

The RTA said that all ‘No Standing’ signs should now be removed. However, it doesn’t mean motorists can park anywhere they like, willy-nilly.

If there are any ‘No Standing’ signs left, they will automatically convert to the ‘No Stopping’ rule.

The parking rules in NSW now are:

No Parking: Means motorists cannot stop for longer than two minutes and cannot move more than 3m from their vehicle to drop off or pick up passengers or goods.

No Stopping: Means vehicles cannot stop in an area under any circumstances. This rule is essentially for road safety purposes and often applies on the approaches to pedestrian crossings, traffic lights or on stretches of road where it is not safe to stop or park.

The change brings NSW parking rules into line with the Australian Road Rules.

Posted: Tuesday December 2, 2008

Published: Dec 2, 2008 7:47am by philippa.

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