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For people that are big on fashion statements, worn out outdoor furniture is a big no. Outdoor furniture will get old and worn out with constant use, this is inevitable.  Changing it up now and again by taking care of upholstery, putting a few new pieces here and there, remodelling using discarded household items can make a lot of difference in the backyard or patio’s appearance.  Refurbishing outdoor furniture while keeping the garden stylish on a budget doesn’t take a lot and the easy ways to bring life back to the outdoor space are:
1. Reupholstering old furniture: Adverse temperaturestake a toll on seat fabric as time goes by, but this can be fixed by simply removing the seat fabric and adding a new one. The items needed for this exercise are a staple gun and a new seat fabric
2. Spray paint some plastic chairs: Add some color to the garden by spray painting a couple of seats. Cover some areas of the outdoor furniture Melbourne with painters tape and spray paint until all the sides of the upholstery are touched.
3. Add a slip cover to an old chair: Sew on a slip cover for the outdoor furniture Sydney using some old clothes from the storage unit, to add some charm to the porch.
4. Make a garden umbrella stand: Create an area for people to relax without the scorching hot sun making itself a nuisance by using an umbrella and a flower pot that’s not in use.
5. Make a pallet daybed: enjoy the view of the garden by building a daybed on the patio. This outdoor furniture Melbourne is very easy to build; all that’s needed is a mattress, pallet, a sander, drill, bolts, nuts and some wheels.
6. Paint your outdoor patio: Get the tiles on the patio looking fabulous, by adding some color to it. Painting some tiles with different colors really brings out the beauty of the patio.
7. Turn tree stumps to tea spots: Make this outdoor furniture Sydney the hottest spot in the garden, by adding some seats and a table top on the stump.
8. Make some glow in the dark lights: Paint the plant pots in the garden with glow in the dark paint and watch the area come alive at night.
9. Make a swing: Put a swing in the backyard to give the children something to play with. Make a swing with some rope and a pellet, or an old chair or even a skateboard.
10. Make some outdoor pillows: Add charm to a couch on the patio by making this outdoor furniture Sydney. Use a snazzy table cloth design, a stapler and some plastic shopping bags to make this happen.


Published: May 19, 2017 9:04pm by outdoorliving.

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  • It is actually quite easy to refurbish outdoor furniture even if you are on a budget. DIY projects do not cost a lot and they are a lot of fun to engage in. Get your friends and family to help and it becomes a bonding session over the weekends.

    Published Jun 15, 2017 4:16pm by christopherjames

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