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Laundries and bathrooms are places in constant touch with water. Every time we use them, the entire floor ends wet. And it’s very common things like this happen every day.

Imagine the following situation. You live in a building and the floors of your laundry room and bathroom have not been waterproofed. One day, you forget to dry the floor in those rooms and hours later, the neighbor from the apartment below knocks on your door. Furious, he tells you that his roof is ruined by a leak.

This hypothetical situation is often repeated in hundreds of Australian households. Many people who buy new apartments often discover flaws in their infrastructure, after months of living there. One of the most common cases is the lack of waterproofing in walls and ceilings.

Water can infiltrate through tile joints, causing moisture stains on the ceiling of the lower floor. Not many know how to install laundry tiles in Perth. Many tilers don’t apply waterproofing, although they do charge for it. If you don’t observe closely the execution of the work, you could end up paying for something that wasn’t done.

Waterproofing jobs in Perth are very common these days. The procedure is not complicated and in a few weeks, you can have a new floor and free of leaks. Waterproofing work begins with application of a waterproof product or installation of a plastic layer on the floor. Then, a layer of concrete of several centimeters thick is poured. When it finally dries, the tile is installed and the joints sealed.

There are several waterproofing services for bathroom and laundry tiles Perth. However, their prices may vary, considering experience of tilers, time of execution and quality of the waterproofing product.

It is very important to verify the effectiveness of the product to be applied. Many tilers usually apply a concrete and fine sand mortar for Waterproofing jobs Perth. However, it is important to know that concrete, when hardened, becomes porous. No matter how fine the mix, water will always infiltrate through the smallest pore.

Waterproofing paint is usually an economical and effective option if applied in the right way. It is recommended to apply at least 2 coats of paint to ensure a good waterproofing. Unfortunately, many tilers apply only one layer and charge several applications. Therefore, never forget to be near while the works are executed.

The most effective option of all is to install a waterproof coating made of asphalt or fiberglass that is placed just before pouring the concrete and fine sand mortar. Making the waterproofing in this way, guarantees a greater durability. Obviously, it’s also the most expensive option.

Before choosing any tiling service, inform yourself of the best waterproofing materials available in the market. Not always, the most expensive option turns out to be the best. Some much cheaper products have incredible results. It’s up to you to find the one that best suits your budget and meets your requirements.


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