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You may have gone through some apps and liked them. When you try to install them we will come to know that they are not availabel for free. You have to pay to get the app but you cannot afford it. The main reason we simply don't buy is, we don't know about the app completely. In this case, we can get help from Panda Helper app.

Panda Helper is an app market. We can install applications from Panda Helper app. Tweaked apps and Paid apps are available in this app. We can install the apps that are not available on app store. You can install the premium app that you want to buy and test that. If you like it, you can go for it.

Some tweaked apps are also available on Panda Helper. These apps add extra features to the normal apps. That means we will get some additional features that are useful to us. The instalation of Panda Helper is very simple. We can get it on iPhone and iPad. Jailbreak is not required to install this app and the app is not available on app store.

Premium version of Panda Helper is also available for all users. You will get some additional apps in this. I did not go for Premium one. The app I installed is free one. I recommend you to install free one first. You can download Panda Helper from its website:

Published: Jun 16, 2017 9:07pm by marlon.

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