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Hello fellow business owners!  Is it time for your business to expand or have a face-lift?  Maybe you have stumbled upon an awesome, but possibly risky, product that you just know will fit in with your existing business, you just know you can make it work for you!  Perhaps you have found brand new accounting software that is just perfect for your accounting business but, it is really costly, especially if you want to install it on multiple computers.  All of this is incredibly exciting, right?  But, we all know that capital raising is a tricky situation!  We all know as well that without that capital, none of our business expansion ideas are possible.  No matter how small or large your ideas are, they will all require some amount of money – money that is usually beyond what our businesses are actually making.  You know what they say, you have to have money to make money.  
Well, here are some possibilities for capital raising that you may not have considered:
You can consult a private funding company for one thing.  Through private funding, rather than traditional banking, you might find much more flexible terms  for your capital raising because private funding companies do no have to comply with as many government regulations as traditional banks do.  Because of that freedom, a private funding institution can offer you more variety – not only in things like interest rates but also in amounts of money you can borrow as well as the time frame in which you must repay the loan.  Also because of this freedom, you might find that someone private will loan you money when a traditional bank might not.
Another thing you might consider for capital raising is applying for different types of loans.  Rather than applying for a traditional business loan through a bank – which can take up to 30 years to repay and might force you to borrow more than you actually need – you might apply for some sort of short term funding through a private funding organization.  With short term funding, you can often only borrow smaller amounts of money but, it is paid off much faster enabling you to move on to your next project much faster.  With short term funding, you can indulge a little bit in venture capital – in other words, you can borrow less money with easier repayment terms to fund your next business “venture”.
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In conclusion, with the availability of more and more private funding companies out there, all of us business owners have a lot more freedom and variety available to us for capital raising through short term funding and, the quicker we can find venture capital, the quicker we can expand our businesses and make them truly successful!  And, that is, after all, what it is all about – becoming truly successful and self-reliant in our business ventures!  None of us have started a business expecting it to fail or wanting it to fail – venture capital is key to our businesses not failing!

Published: 10 months ago by marketing123.

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