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App building for Magento platform is not a difficult task, even if you want to develop apps for two different OS simultaneously (namely iOS, Android). A proper mobile app builder for Magento is all one needs. Particularly in current time, for anyone with an e-commerce store having a mobile app for their webstore is a given. Currently, the two major mobile OS in the market are iOS and Android, any app builder for building apps for these platforms should possess following features.

  • Freely Customizable - It should be free, therefore open sourced. This also makes it open to customizations
  • Develop for both iOS and Android - It must be available as native for both iOS and Android platform. It should also provide support for both platforms
  • Interactive Themes - It also provides interactive themes to make user experience intuitive
  • Appealing Navigation - Navigation is enhanced is made layered for the store
  • Voice Search - Offer voice search feature
  • Support multiple devices - Has support for both smartphones and tablets
  • Quick and smooth performance – the app builder should be a native solution so that Magento eCommerce apps built via it assure uncompromising performance.
  • Auto-sync – The automatic syncing between your eCommerce app and shopping app (both Magento based) is an appreciated feature which will allow the owner to manage via single dashboard two sales channels.
  • Push notifications – The facility of push notifications that provide prompt information updates and keep the user base connected to your store’s e-commerce app is also crucial.
  • Multilingual – Support for multiple languages in addition to English can enable developers to make the app interact in any language desired. It should by default support all languages supported by Magento.
  • Multiple currencies and payment gateway support – support for all major currencies will ensure that your customers need not bother with currency exchange before making payments. It allows support for multiple payment gateways and streamlines checkout
  • Deep Linking – You can to your store’s conversion rate with this feature. It intrigues customer with relevant suggestion during search queries. You can also win your customer by enabling them to resume their cart from where they left off during a search query.
  • Rewards System – Building customer loyalty and repeating customers can be easily accomplished via this feature. Reward you consumers with points for every purchase they make, new referral they add or participate in a contest. They can use it to get discounts on their next purchase.


You can build your app’s look any way you want using the builder of your Magento mobile app. It provides a broad spectrum of looks for your eCommerce store’s mobile app. In addition to features like multiple platform support, completely open source, you can personalize every pixel of your mobile app with the color, shape or size of your choice.

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