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The Email is something that we know since we began to understand the Internet while growing. The email service is the first thing that was introduced to us as the child after the having a stable internet connection. Somehow it is not wrong to say that for the people who born with the evolution of the internet Email is seems like a synonym for the Internet. This message conveying service have made a permanent place in the world of the Internet. The Email has passed the time test by proving its worth without any effect of the technology evolution, the service has its own importance since creation. The mobile app trend has further revolutionized the Email system and made it a smarter channel for communication.

The Gmail app in Android smartphone is enough to handle the Email task for the users, but for the pro users, it is quite unpleasant due to the absence of many features.

Here are the 5 alternatives to the Gmail app which will provide you the extra functions and options to operate the emails.

1.Inbox by Google

This app from the Google is a great option in case you receive too many emails from the same sources again and again. The most prominent feature of the is the pinning feature the app let you pinned the important email that you wanna remember for any reason for later use. There are also pinned app categories so you can put the pinned app in different categories. To sort the cluster of emails that you receive on daily basis there is an option of the bundle is also available which includes smart bundles for Tips, Purchases, and Finance.


This alternative has too many reasons to opt for the mailing app for your smartphone. Startin with its intuitive design and the app let you manage multiple email accounts at once and switching between the accounts is too easy. The app also has the option to Snooze the mail in case you need, the best part of the app is it shows different icons. There different icons for the snoozed, read and unread emails on snoozed it shows a clock. The app also supports the Dark mode and suitable for those who want all the systematic information at one place.


3.Email by EasilyDo


This one is expert in keeping the things simple yet smart by providing a great experience. Email app inherits the attributes of both Inbox and Gmail and presents them in a finely synchronized way. It has a simple screen view which shows the email feed and also offers the bundles option but smartly hides it in the side menu and you can access it by swiping from left to right. The Email app eliminates any chance of confusion which arises in the Inbox by keeping all things simple. This quality makes the app more responsive and easy to handle.



Another simple user interface app that offers the most effective and easy to manage the system. The app has no extra features just offers basic mail viewing system, your email is viewed in card format. The app has the dark more which act as the plus point in the UI book and the app is response time is good. You can add up to two different accounts in the free version of the but sync more than two accounts you need to purchase the premium one. The only drawback of the app is its too much time while synchronizing and loading all the emails.


5.Microsoft Outlook-  

Last but not the least, the Window PC users know how effectively Microsoft outlook works managing the emails. The company also have an Android app which is the replica of the PC version. The app is capable of performing almost all the email related task and have many outstanding features. One of the best attributes of the app is the inbuilt calendar which helps a lot to the users. It does not have any flaw in performing the basic functions like synchronizing and sorting the emails. The best feature which will make you choose this app above all is the compatibility with cloud storage like Google Drive, Onedrive, and Dropbox. You can easily attach any file directly from the storage without any hassle.


Published: Nov 22, 2017 11:31pm by macyjones.

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