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For many of us the sport of golf remains an elusive yet intriguing one. Unlike other sports which can be easily played under unprofessional settings, golf requires a completely different setup, mindset and preparation altogether. Hence, amateur golfers require a lot of guidance and practice if they want to get started. Luckily for the residents of Australia as well as for international tourists, the country has a large number of clubs that cater to beginner golfers. And hence, golf travel Australia is popular not just among the professionals but amateur golfers as well.

If playing for the first time, there are a number of things that one needs to learn before stepping on the course. Among the most important basics are the rules of the game, the different type of golfing equipment, and the etiquettes of the game. Beginners are always recommended to partner up with an experienced golfer who can teach them the tricks of the trade, but for many people that option is not available. However, this shouldn’t deter you from embarking on a golf holiday, especially to a country like Australia where there are a large types of golf travel packages available that cater to all levels of golf players. When in doubt, talk to an experienced and professional golf travel agency such as International Golf Specialists, who can not only suggest you a golf holiday package that fits your budget but also includes appropriate golf clubs/courses.

When packing for your first golf holiday, prepare a checklist of the various important items you should carry in your golf bag. Apart from the most obvious one – golf clubs—your golf bag should also contain at least six balls, gloves, spare towel, sunscreen, few wooden tees, pitch-marker, some coins to mark your ball on the course, and a small pouch to hold things like wallet, phone, keys, etc. Some golfers also like to carry a rain suit depending on the weather. Coming to the most important of them all- the golf clubs that you should carry depend on what kinds of shots you are planning to play. Broadly, the commonly used clubs include a driver, a hybrid club, a putter, wedges, and 2-to-9 iron. However, for those who do not own a club, or are travelling from another city/country, or simply don’t know which clubs to use, an expert golf travel agency can provide useful guidance.

In addition to arranging for the necessary equipment, a beginner golfer should also learn the basic golf terms, rules of play, and golf course etiquettes.

Published: Apr 13, 2016 7:30pm by jacobatkin82.

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