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Timber balustrades, or for that matter any balustrade is not only a safety or security feature serving a practical purpose, but is also a visible, highly decorative element in the building's architecture. As such, much attention is paid to its construction and the materials used. Traditionally, houses were built with wood and typically timber balustrades were the norm. Timber creates a classic look giving off a natural feeling of warmth.

Today, a variety of materials can be used to build balustrades, namely stainless steel, aluminium, glass, etc. Even stone and concrete are an option. But timber balustrades are the all time favourite. That's because timber balustrades are easy to install and with proper care will last more than a century. Another point in favour of timber balustrades is the versatility of use. They blend equally well with the modern architectural designs as with the traditional, old style decor. Whether it is a modern style office space or a residential property, timber balustrades add to the beauty of the structure.

Timber as we mentioned is a versatile material that lends itself very well to the sleek modernity of the present day home as well as to the intricate, carved designs displayed by the traditional style houses. Timber balustrades can be made to order even if you're looking to create an effect with an unusual design. Timber balustrade manufacturers are more than willing to create your specific designs because timber is easy to work with.

Wood is lightweight and when used in the interiors of your home can last more than a century. Wood can also be used for outdoor balustrading systems on balconies, decks or patios. However, the right kind of timber must be used so that it can withstand the elements. Yearly maintenance is important if you wish to preserve timber balustrades, whether they are installed indoors or outdoors.

Talking of preservation of Timber Balustrades, it is crucial to maintain them if they are to last more than a century. Cleaning, staining, painting and polishing is the only way to keep them looking like new. Wood is prone to rotting and decay, especially if you've neglected the maintenance. Small scratches or damages to the Steel Balustrades are easily corrected with polishing. Items made from timber must be oiled and polished at least once a year. This applies to timber balustrades as well.

Being light weight, timber balustrades are easy to install. You can either procure the materials and install it yourself or have the supplier do it for you. You might also require to set up annual maintenance contract to keep your timber balustrade looking good as new.

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Published: Nov 23, 2017 7:59pm by glassbalustrades.

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