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Until recently, for past eight years or so, I've been personally attending to our lawn, flower beds and trees in the front as well as the vegetable garden at the back. I was my own 'professional' gardener if I may say so. Initially everything seemed to go well but over the years I've been noticing little things like flower beds looking kind of 'wild', too many weeds in the lawn and vegetable garden was becoming less and less successful as the years went by.

Friends and neighbours recommended this fertiliser and that, watering and pruning techniques were discussed and debated. Benefits of 'natural' v/s chemical based weed killers were discussed. Some technologically inclined folks even talked about automation in gardening (whatever that was because I didn't understand a word of it).

Quite frankly, the outdoor space was becoming more difficult to handle and quite frustrating as well. Than one fine morning about a year ago, I noticed van fuelling at the local gas station – the advert of its side offered professional gardening services including a professional garden maintenance program (website So, I walked up to the man with 'Fox Mowing' coveralls and asked him about the services. 15 minutes later a pamphlet in hand, I was dialling the Fox Mowing company and asking about their professional garden maintenance program.

Now for the past year or so, they have been attending to my garden – the lawn, trees, flowering beds and even the vegetable garden. Everything has changed – for the better. The lawn looks beautiful (it is the best in the entire neighbourhood if I may say so); we have flowers all year round and even the veggies are not only bountiful, they are well formed (instead of the scrawny things that were growing earlier).

The initial cost was high because there (obviously) was a lot of work to be done. In fact, the entire lawn was removed, all the flowering shrubs were removed and the entire vegetable patch was cleared. Fox Mowing first worked on the ground itself, removing the topsoil and relaying fresh top soil. They treated the new soil with some organic fertilisers and also created a natural drainage system.

Once the Fox Mowing professionals were happy with the soil, they began planting the grass (kind of unrolling carpets of grass). They brought in different types of flowering shrubs. The Fox Mowing Garden Clean Ups Services Mango Hill professionals planned it quite cleverly so we would enjoy flowers all year round.

I also loved the new vegetable garden. In fact, since the past six months I have stopped buying veggies altogether and my family now enjoys home grown 100% organic veggies. But best of all, I no longer spends hours and hours working outdoors and then becoming frustrated at the results. The Fox Mowing Professional Lawn Mowing Businesses for Sale QLD Program does it for me and they are more than worth it.

Published: Mar 30, 2017 8:22pm by foxmowingqld.

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