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It really is called the Silly Season for a good reason. Every Christmas, it seems to me that people simply forget all their usual reservations and self-imposed rules and simply let loose, going a little crazy. I think this is great. We spend so much time telling ourselves how much we should spend, how much we should drink and how much we should eat. Surely, for one day a year, we can afford to let all the rules go and do what we really feel like. Waking up nursing a hangover and sure that none of our clothes will ever fit again is all part of Christmas. So, to make sure everyone gets the most out of their Christmas indulgences, I thought I would suggest a few creative ways to really enjoy Christmas food.

We are very fortunate to be able to celebrate Christmas in summer. This means a number of things; including actually being able to enjoy our day rather than huddling inside and praying that the central heating does not break. It also means that some great fresh produce is on offer, providing many opportunities for delicious Christmas treats and indulgences.

One ingredient that I have always loved but which I think is quite underrated is mulberries. Mulberries are incredibly versatile and very tasty. Summer is the best time to grow and buy them, and they serve as a great alternative for more popular berries. Mulberries can become the star of Christmas tarts, pavlova and pastries. If you visit a farmers market or anywhere else that fresh produce is sold, you are sure to find mulberries on sale.

Like most berries, mulberries taste delicious accompanying apples in cakes, tarts and pies. They can also be dried and make great snacks. Of course, I started off talking about indulgent, Christmas comfort food. It hardly seems that mulberries fall into this category. Berries, in general, do not fall into this category. Not until they are placed on top of a decadent cheese cake or baked in a big, buttery pie, that is. Would we have them any other way at Christmas time?
Here are some great ways to take mulberries and make them even more delicious and very bad for you:

Mulberry Crumble Cake

Delicious, sweet berries. Fluffy, melt in your mouth cake. This truly is a match made in heaven. This cake is sure to keep friends, family and Christmas guests coming back for more. Find out how to make it.

Mulberry Tarts

These little gems have appeared on OurPatch before. As soon as I saw them, I thought of fruit mince pies. What a great way to reinvent a Christmas classic with some fresh Australian produce.

Mulberry Pie

It seems that every fruit in the world tastes good baked into a pie. Berries are standouts as pie fillers and mulberries are perfect to experiment with. Just the thought of it makes me hungry.

This Christmas, feel free to forget the diet and indulge a little. Try getting creative and experiment with some new recipes, using some fresh Australian mulberries.

Published: Dec 15, 2010 3:21pm by cbere.

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