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Australia is one of the best places to spend summer. There are plenty of places to beat the heat and so many beautiful, fun and exciting places to enjoy all the opportunities this warmer time of the year presents.
Most people, when they think about the Australian summer, will immediately think of the beach. This is fair enough- we have such a huge coastline and so many stunning beaches as a result. Beaches are great places to spend the summer but they do have their drawbacks. Overcrowding almost goes hand in hand with a visit to a popular Australian beach. Beaches also present the dangers of rips and heavy surf. Still, they are great places to cool off and have fun at summer.

Water, swimming and water sports are Australian summer necessities. The beach is not your only option, though. All through Australia there are places to swim. From the humble backyard swimming pool to Australia’s many great lakes, our country always provides somewhere to cool off. This summer, if you are looking for a lakeside holiday, there is no going past Victoria’s Lake Eppalock. Situated near Bendigo, this manmade lake is enjoying renewed popularity. With much needed rain bringing the water level back up to 100%, Lake Eppalock holds endless possibilities for Australian water lovers. Lake Eppalock is the ideal place for boating, fishing, swimming and water skiing this summer.

Over the last decade, Lake Eppalock water levels have plunged as low as 6%. This has devastated local business owners as it has left the area with very little tourist appeal. Now, Lake Eppalock has come back to life and tourists are pouring back into the area. Local boat brokers and water ski providers have been swamped with orders. The fish of Lake Eppalock had better look out as keen anglers get ready to cast their hooks into the water.

For families looking to escape this summer, Lake Eppalock is the perfect spot. There are plenty of accommodation options in Bendigo and other areas near the lake. Whether you are looking to camp, park a caravan or stay in a hotel, you will be able to spend as much time in this amazing area as you want. For water sports lovers of all varieties, there is no shortage of things to do at Lake Eppalock. Visit a local boat hire company end take your very own boat out on the water. This is a perfect way to spend time with the kids, enjoy the thrill of water skiing or simply cast anchor and enjoy a lazy swim off the side of the boat.

There really is no better way to relax and unwind at Lake Eppalock this summer than by casting a line and trying a spot of fishing. Local fishing websites ensure that recent flood waters have filled Lake Eppalock with fish. Already, local fishermen have had some luck, got a few nibbles and reeled in the catch of the day. Summer has not even begun and fishing is already underway at Lake Eppalock. To bond with the kids, spend time with mates or get some well deserved alone time, there is no going past fishing at Lake Eppalock this summer.

To cool off, enjoy some fun in the sun and make the most of a rejuvenated Australian lake, contact a local caravan park, camping ground, hotel or motel and spend your summer break at Lake Eppalock.

Published: Nov 24, 2010 12:10pm by cbere.

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