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There are many ways to use crystals in home with latest decoration ideas. Here I have listed some of below that I showed at crystal shop near to my home in Melbourne Australia. Have a look:

Place it in Garden:

Garden is the best place where people find peace and freshness. It’s the best place to surround you with the magical power of crystals & it is easy to Buy Crystals Online from store with discounts.

Hang it at Windows:

 Window is another entrance of home; bad energy & good energy come through it and affect the home as well as family members. One can hang the bunch of crystals with string or wire on window to protect. If you believe in it then don’t forget it to hang.

Put it in Bowl:

Yes, it’s so simple idea but effective & makes such an impact. Arrange many types of crystals (different size and colors) in a bowl and put it on your coffee table, dining table etc. It requires big amount of crystals, right? Don’t worry you can easily buy wholesale Crystals or contact crystal wholesalers Australia.

Use it as Paperweight:

You think it’s a silly idea but this is one of the best uses of crystals in your home. We all know, during writing anything, it requires peaceful mind and freshness. This is the solution: Use it as a paperweight in your home and enhance your creativity by choosing the right ones.

Over to You:

These above 4 healing ideas to use it in home will help you to stay calm, creative & stress free. As a crystal addicted person, I prefer Crystal Store Melbourne to purchase such valuable crystals for home. If I missed anything then suggest me via comments shown in below.

Published: Jan 16, 2016 11:14pm by auscrystals.

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