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Searching for Lisa Mickan
Hi there I was mates with Lisa in radio many years ago in Canberra.  I remember her family was from Ceduna. My last contact with her she was living in Wollongong.  Any Mickan's related to Lisa who worked in radio SAFM, FM104.7, Fox FM. If you wanna run my name by her just tell her – Bag – is looking for her. Sweet. Thanks.      

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Looking for an electrician to give me a quote on installing 2 ceiling fan’s with light’s & remote please

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Any Suggestion for a Serviced Office
In Australia, the demand for Serviced office International, Virtual office, and Compass Office has been growing and they are providing the space which is very useful when the business owners do not have money for a conventional office space. Can anyone suggest me a serviced offices which are good for small businesses?

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Magento vs Prestashop - Which one?
Hello everyone, If now I want to open a new online store which sales about 800 items of clothes and shoes. Which shopping cart should I use, Magento or Prestashop? Or if now I choose Prestashop but in the future i want to change to use Magento, so is there any ways to transfer Prestashop to Magento? Please show me! Any help could be appriciated!

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    To entry the e-commerce market at the first time, people tend to choose a platform that is easy to install, use and control, with a minimal setting up cost. The startup businesses have to consider their budget and the resource to control their online store. After a few years, the company conditions change and their need of features for the online store increases. You wonder that the current platform with simple things is enough for businesses or you need a powerful, complex and well-design system to reach customers and expand online stores. The online world is changing; businesses cannot be at a standstill. If you feel that budget to develop Magento is too high with your condition and complex management system hinders development of your business, Prestashop is good e-commerce solution. In the reversed case, Magento is the better choice for your online store in many years to go. You wonder how to move your current website to Magento without changing database. You should do a trial with Prestashop to Magento migration to transfer products from Prestashop to Magento.

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Where to buy best food for fish online?
Want the best quality of food for my aquarium fishes which can improve there color and spectrum to the perfect extent. My friend suggested me for choosing aquaristic online store which deals with such accessories and fish food. Is it beneficial? Has anyone purchased the stuff online? Suggestions please.

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Registered Business Logo ?
I recently came to know about cotters in Sydney. I need trustworthy firm, where I can share my ideas so that no future problem be there. More suggestions are welcome here?

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Hotel services
p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; direction: ltr; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); line-height: 120%; }p.western { font-family: “Liberation Serif”,“Times New Roman”,serif; font-size: 12pt; }p.cjk { font-family: “Droid Sans Fallback”; font-size: 12pt; }p.ctl { font-family: “FreeSans”; font-size: 12pt; }a:link { } Hotels have special rates and discounts that they will never tell you about unless you ask them. If not view some similar options at falls creek hotel. In other cases you can get a better overall rate by dealing directly with the hotel and/or banquet/meeting room managers.

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Convert osCommerce to Prestashop?
Are you considering to export osCommerce to Prestashop? Have you found any softwares that satisfy you? If you have not done it, so why dont you come with LitExtension? By putting a lot of effort, LitExtension shopping cart migration is always the best choice for people. You can get an osCommerce to Prestashop migration module and migrate it successfully within a few simple steps.

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Garden maintenance
What are the various gardening websites that deals with the cleaning and maintenance services of your home garden?

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    Garden provides a sense of calmness and peace of mind. Also, it is the perfect way to return to nature without the need to go outside your home. Therefore, garden requires proper care to maintain its beauty. With the proper tips and tools, gardening is a pleasurable task with satisfying result. Watering and feeding are two of the most essential things that plant needs. Proper water and sunlight will produce beautiful flowers and shrubs. Keep grass strong and healthy with proper applications of fertilizer, fall and spring.  This will insure resilience to traffic and drought, and keep the lawn a healthier green. Be environment friendly, use organic fertilizer. Try using leaves which is a good source of organic material. Likewise, the use of leaves can save you money from buying commercially sold fertilizer. Click here for more info...

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Best clothing store for women in Sydney?
I want to buy the best womenwear and I am looking for the best stores in Sydney.  My friend recommended online store website like journey women and travel fashion girl,dollboxx etc. Great collection of stylish women's wear. It is an online store having its headquarters in Sydney. Vast collection of swimwear and beautiful clothes for women at affordable prices.


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